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How to apply eye primer? Every time we want to attend some important event or want to impress someone, we all put makeup on ourselves. If we want to make our makeup look great, then eyeshadow is essential. A lot of people do a primer on their eyes before applying eyeshadow. First, complete the basic skincare and moisturizing, then apply a layer of barrier cream to the skin around the eyes to enhance the protection of the skin.

Today’s society is full of beauty, and such a blessing is all thanks to makeup. Some people are very good at makeup. Some just do not know how to make themselves look right. In makeup, the most technical part is eye makeup. The biggest problem with the eyes is that it looks very dirty, so the first step of eye makeup – eye primer is very important.

How to apply eye primer correctly?

So what are the benefits of eye primer? First, concealer can be considerate of your eyes and reduce the oily rate of your eyelids. Second, cover the original skin color of the eye skin, so that the color of the eyeshadow can be maximized. Most eye primer products have the effect of oil control. After a long time, in order to prevent the appearance of dry lines, it is very important to take good care of the eye area.

Let’s talk about the correct steps for eye primer. How to apply eye primer? Compared with facial skin, our eye skin is very fragile, so we need to do a good job of isolation before applying makeup so that the makeup does not come into contact with the eye skin. If you have enough time, it would be even better if you can do an eye mask!

Apply the eye cream thinly to the skin around the eyes and evenly, then apply eye primer to the eyelids evenly, not ignoring the eye face and even along the roots of the eyelashes. At the same time, the same is true for eye primer, because the root of the eyelashes is an important part of eyeliner.

If you don’t have an eye primer, then remember not to apply the facial barrier cream to the eye area. In this case, it is better to choose to hang the eye makeup directly.

If you apply it too thinly, it may not cover up the pigment deposits. Applying too thick will make the area look too conspicuous and make the makeup look unnatural. Gently pat the area with your hands or a beauty egg to spread it evenly.

If you still can’t cover the dark circles after doing this, you can also use some concealer and other products properly, which can cover them well. Apply only water-type products to the eyes, the rest of the skincare products should be avoided around the eyes. When choosing an eye primer, you should choose a barrier cream with small molecules and good absorption, or a foundation.

Learn the above methods, put on beautiful makeup, and with a good mood, no matter what you do, you will be refreshed. Never worry about dirty eyes again. It is very important to learn how to apply eye makeup, but it is also very important to clean your eyes. If you combine cleaning and care, you can prevent your eye wrinkles from becoming obvious. At the same time, you should choose a mild cream to apply before sleeping.

In conclusion, eye primer is still very important. Especially for people who need makeup every day, don’t say that you don’t have time to make a primer. Maintaining healthy skin is important. Use a base cream to prime the eyes before makeup, so that the makeup will not directly damage the skin. Applying eyeliner after the primer is less prone to smudges.

The advantage of eye-specific cosmetics is that they are relatively light and thin and will not cause too much burden on the eyes. Because the skin around the eyes is very delicate. When applying eye makeup, you must pay attention to the dosage. If the dosage is too much, if it is heavy, the eye problem will be more prominent, and the makeup will be fake. If the primer is too thick, the eye lines will get stuck and the eye lines will become more obvious.