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How to choose the best clean eye shadow and use it for the best effect? Whether your eye makeup successes or not has something to do with your skin color. Especially color mottle and dark circles affect your makeup a lot. With the development of society, the number of people who stay up late is increasing all over the world. While people are anxious about hair loss, dark circles under the eyes and the deposition of pigment also become a big problem that troubles people a lot.

Eye makeup is popular for brightening skin tones and covering gaunt eyes. Foundation and concealer are especially important. Most people want a natural makeup effect, which means they want their makeup to be clean. Therefore, you should choose a base color that is similar to your skin tone, but also lighter than your skin. Only in this way can it foil the beauty of eye shadow well, and can your eye makeup be cleaner and more natural. Besides, the best clean eye shadow palette is needed.

So, you are supposed to put an eye shadow with a makeup brush. You can shake a little of the excess powder off. Besides, you need to get a few more makeup brushes because it’s easy to mix colors and make your eye makeup dirty with just one brush. 

A pretty eye shadow needs to be stained but shading too much area or having an unclear border can easily look dirty. The area 5 mm from the eyelid is the most appropriate range for applying eye shadow. It makes the eye makeup look clean and natural, instead of being too heavy or too dramatic. The boundary of the blur needs to be roughly in an arc, which makes the eye makeup look more delicate and cleaner.

With these tips and a clean eye shadow, it’s easy to create good, clean eye makeup. How to get the best clean eye shadow? Pay attention to the texture of the powder. Choose a powdery, light, and delicate eye shadow that is easy to push away. Where can I find the cleanest eyeshadow? Here. You can get the best clean eye shadow at Perfect Diary.

[Raw Gemstone] Master Origin Eyeshadow Palette
Why should anyone choose it? Firstly, it’s natural. Inspired by the fancy natural color of natural gemstones, this eye shadow matches the color of your skin very much to even create the sense of not having makeup on. You can finish pretty much makeup quickly. It’s suitable for various skin, occasions, and styles of makeup.

This eye shadow applied self-setting formula with the Amino acid wrapping technology. The powder is ultra-fine, silky, easy to blend, transfer-proof, and longwear for 10 hours. Its packaging is inspired by natural gems. It has a unique raw gem texture and shine. It highlights the exclusive texture and is light and easy to carry. You can always rely on this eyeshadow palette for any emergency.

The eyeshadow palette for this collection comes in two shades. One is 01 Authentic Self, the other is 02 Watch Me. This palette is great for daily makeup looks, with microfine powders adding glow to your lids. It can not only reduce swelling very well but also can be used for nasal shadow. Most importantly, it doesn’t look dirty at all.

Sometimes, it’s difficult for girls to make pretty eye makeup. Instead, it’s easy for them to make dirty eye makeup. So, owning the best clean eye shadow palette is necessary and convenient for them. After reading this passage, you must have gotten much about clean eye shadow. And except how to choose it, getting the way of how to use it is also very important. If you want a clean eye shadow, welcome to Perfect Diary.