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Ultra Shine Lip Gloss and lip gloss are now essential and staple cosmetics guaranteed to be found in one’s makeup kit. Due to its immense popularity, we have laid down an article exploring everything about glosses and their shining powers.

A Lip Gloss is all about Gloss
As the name suggests, they can give that shiny luster to the lips, making them look irresistible. Their history went back to the early ninety-thirties and was initially made for movie artists for their lips to look glossier and more appealing. Often made in liquid and semi-solid form, lip glosses provide the look that one may resemble baby lips. They are made in different colors and opacities. They also come in different added looks like frosty, shimmery, metallic, and more. 

A Combo of Shinning and Nourishment
A lip gloss can be much more than a cosmetic item. Here are some of their wonders:
1. Lip glosses are infused with essential nourishing ingredients and emollients which keep the lips youthful and healthy. 

2. They provide the lips with a glossy and attractive look to the lips, which makes them plumper and “naturally appealing.”

3. Available in different colors, they add different colors to the lipstick.

4. They also feature mineral or vegetable-based oils, which provide the lips nourishment.

The Magical Ingredients: 
Ultra Shine Lip Gloss is made with typical ingredients, i.e., pigments, wax, and oils but with additional l Hydrogenated Styrene, Octyldodecanol, Paraffinum, and other hydrating and shining agents. They are primarily without scent or taste, but few taste sweet vanilla. It depends on which brand you go with, but in most cases, they are acceptable to the taste. Moreover, these new generations of lip glosses are known to be non-sticky and hydrating to the lips. This is why you should opt for those instead of regular lip glosses; they will surely outdo them. They also have decent wear time running from three to five hours which is acceptable for dinner or party makeup. 

The Ultra Shine Gloss Game
It’s been a while since lip gloss came into the industry, and they have seen many improvements and added functions compared to the early releases. The latest breed of lip gloss is dubbed ultra shine lip gloss which is made from double moisturizing and extra shine ingredients with more longevity. The gloss gives a cushiony and non-sticky finish. It is much better in terms of adhesion and longevity than the previous generations of lip gloss from different brands. 

Our Recommendations:
Speaking of great results and longer life of lip gloss, we recommend using the Floating Light Lip Gloss from Perfect Diary. This great release from the brand checks all the gloss and smooth finish boxes. Made from a non-sticky and light formula, the lip gloss is a keeper and remains in our makeup kits every day. It also features essential oils and other nourishing ingredients to keep lips healthy and hydrated all day long. It also comes with buildable colors that range from sheer to medium coverage and has received five stars from hundreds of its previous customers. I can’t recommend it more, it is a must-have gloss, and the best part, it is very reasonably priced. 

More Recommendations:
Okay, now you know almost everything about the basics of lip gloss and ultra shine lip gloss, and with all this knowledge comes great responsibility. This is why you need to make sure that you use this knowledge correctly to get the best results with your shiny new bottle of “ultra-shiny lip gloss”. Follow our tips to get started with lip glosses:

1. Prep your lips with a proper exfoliation process for at least two to three minutes. This will remove all the dead skin. 

2. Apply some lip balm to get that flawless hydration they will need after exfoliation. Bot the excess balm by using tissue. 

3. Draw the lip line with a lip pencil of a color of your liking. 

4. Apply lipstick with a lip brush and fill the entire lip area using gentle and small strokes. (you can also skip this step if you want gloss for your lip makeup)

5. Apply the gloss with the sponge applicator and blot the excess to get that youthful lips.