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What is a double sided makeup brush? Benefits? Types? How to choose? How to follow up cleaning? It is well known that makeup brushes are an essential tool for makeup application, and even the choice of makeup brushes can affect the duration of the application, the results or the subsequent storage methods, etc. The most common on the market are the various types of single-ended makeup brushes used for different purposes.

But with the continuous innovation and changes in brushes, there is now a new type of brush, the double sided makeup brush, as the name suggests, a brush with two heads, capable of meeting two uses at the same time. Let’s talk about the advantages of the double ended makeup brush, the common types, how to choose it and the subsequent maintenance storage, to provide you with an additional option for your beautiful makeup!

1. Double-headed makeup brushes are more practical than single-headed ones and can meet two purposes at the same time, thus being more cost-effective.

2. Double sided makeup brushes are more suitable for beauties to carry when traveling or on business trips, saving space and weight.

3. Using this type of brush can save your makeup time and produce a perfect makeup look faster.

Common types
The first type is a foundation brush and a loose powder brush combined into one, so that we can switch the other brush to apply loose powder directly after applying foundation to achieve the effect of setting makeup.

The second type is an eyebrow brush and eyeliner brush in one, which can efficiently complete the eyebrow and eyeliner part of the makeup.

The third one is an eyeshadow brush with two sizes, which helps us to deal with the natural smudging and detailing of the eyeshadow.

Tips for buying
1. We may choose a brush with soft, smooth bristles and a firm, full structure.

2. We can check whether the bristles come off easily by holding the brush with our fingers and gently combing downwards.

3. We can also press the brush lightly on the back of the hand and draw a semi-circle shape to check whether the bristles are neatly cut.

Correct cleaning steps
The first step is to pour makeup remover or cleanser into a container (a thin layer is good) and then saturate the bristles with the liquid to dissolve any makeup that is attached to the bristles.

The second step is to pour the natural detergent into the basin and stir to make bubbles, then completely soak the bristles in the bubble water.

The third step is to clean out the residual dirt and makeup from the bristles.

The fourth step is to wash the brush with plenty of water to completely clean the residual detergent from the bristles.

The fifth and final step is to take a few paper towels or a towel with good absorbency to cover the bristles and press them a few times, so that the water can be dried up as much as possible, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry.

Tips: daily maintenance methods
1. For many brushes dyed with color, we usually do not need to spend a lot of time to be able to clean, then after each use, use tissue to rub the brush back and forth on it until the color no longer appears.

2. If the lip brush is cleaned frequently and excessively, this is going to make the bristles lose their elasticity and thus damage the function. So we can just wipe the residual lipstick on the tissue directly after each use, which is convenient and quick.

Through the above, for those of you who pursue beautiful makeup, you can get a good understanding of the benefits of double sided makeup brushes, the types, purchase tips and subsequent cleaning steps, which can largely help you understand and choose the right brush for your actual situation, so that you can make a more beautiful and moving makeup, and be shine in life.