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How to find the best makeup brush sets is a question that many makeup beginners can’t wait to learn about, after all, with good tools so that can get a better look. However, do we really need to buy a whole set of makeup brushes? Many times, we buy a whole set of brushes, 12 or even 24 makeup brushes, only to find that many of them we just put aside.

Makeup brushes are a worthwhile investment
Makeup brushes will be the most important tool in your makeup application, and it’s not that easy to find the best makeup brush sets for you. Do-it-yourself makeup brush sets are more than capable of meeting your individual and different needs. This approach can help you really understand why this brush is better for you than another one.

Overall, one of the most important factors to consider when choosing makeup brushes is the material of the brushes and the pros and cons of those materials. The quality of the bristles, the craftsmanship, and the brand on the brush are all reflected in its price, so you must be extra cautious when spending this amount of money.

A pricey brush may feel too expensive and unnecessary at first glance, but you must realize that a set of makeup brush tools will be a lifetime investment. With proper care, a set of brushes can even last a lifetime.

Which is better, natural or artificial makeup brushes?
Usually, makeup brushes with natural hair are better for powder products, such as blush and eyeshadow. Different types of hair (including badger hair, horsetail, goat hair, sable hair and squirrel hair) also have their own roles. Badger hair, for example, is a great choice for color application and control of color.

In our opinion, artificial makeup brushes are better suited for putting on cream or liquid products, such as concealer or foundation, because they are less likely to absorb the product itself than natural hairs.

But things have changed a bit now, and advances in process and technology over the past decade have made artificial makeup brushes a viable alternative to natural brushes for almost all needs. Due to considerations such as the protection of animals, many makeup artists are instead favoring artificial makeup brushes over natural ones.

In terms of makeup results, don’t worry too much about whether your brush bristles are natural or artificial. Just as long as it can achieve the effect you want.

No matter what the material of the brush is, it should have the following points: the bristles should not be too hard or firm and should be flexible enough to allow you to contour your face and eyes well. Hard, dense bristles will deposit more color than soft, loose bristles. So when you choose your makeup brushes, keep in mind that you will need all kinds of bristles.

How to choose the shape and size of your best makeup brush sets
When it comes to makeup brushes, size is very important. In other words, you’ll need small brushes, large brushes and all the intermediate size brushes to apply your makeup. When making your decision, think about the size you need for each area of your face when applying makeup.

For example, you don’t want to use the same brush you use for under-eye concealer to apply foundation to your entire face.

Again, when considering the versatility of a makeup brush, explore more ways to use the brush and don’t be limited by its name. Instead of labeling brushes as foundation brushes, concealer brushes or lip brushes, think in terms of size they can be categorized as large brush heads, medium brush heads, or small brush heads so that you have the freedom to create the size you want in practice.

Many brands will label a makeup brush with a specialized purpose, such as: foundation, loose powder, concealer, etc. But if you ignore such labels and then dig into the endless possibilities of this brush on your own, you can make each tool achieve whatever effect you need in your makeup look.

Notes on the purchase of makeup brushes
If you are a novice who is just starting out, or if you don’t usually wear much makeup, it’s no necessary to buy a whole set of makeup brushes.

In fact, there are many brushes can be a brush multipurpose. For example, the loose powder brush can be used to brush blush and highlight, not just limited to brush loose powder.

It is not the softer the better, or the stronger the ability to grab the powder the better. Because different cosmetics have different needs, so according to the corresponding needs to buy makeup brushes. For example, eyebrow brushes need to be harder, while blush brushes need to have a weaker grip on powder.

You can buy branded brushes if you have enough budget. For any product, branded ones definitely feel better and have certain advantages in all aspects, but they are also more expensive in terms of price.

In short
Finding the best makeup brush sets will require you to keep picking and trying on your own, so we hope the above suggestions will help you.