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The neon color eyeshadow palette brings lots of fun this summer. Cosmetic Brands are releasing colorful new products one after another, which are eye-catching and cool. In the 1980s and 1990s, neon color was not only eye-catching on store signs, but it was also used as a fashion element in the clothing and makeup of young people. If you look at the photos of the Spice Girls that once swept the world, you can see a lot of neon-colored elements.

The bright, high-saturation neon colors show the bohemianism of the young people of that era. “Being happy and unrestrained” is the purpose of their life. No matter how deviant they are in the eyes of others, they still have to show themselves without hesitation. The pursuit of fashion is no longer the same black, white, and gray, and more vivid neon and fluorescent colors reappear in people’s vision.

Sexy pink, fashionable sapphire blue, bright orange… all add a youthful and trendy flavor to the ordinary earth eye makeup. Neon colors and fluorescent colors are a pair of “good sisters”, and you can often see the mix and match of the two. Luminous pigments are also added to many fluorescent eye makeup products, which can glow in the dark.

The color of the green eyeliner is not particularly exaggerated, with a little futuristic feeling, and the effect of applying it on the eyes is very delicate and simple. A neon pink blush, the powder is very soft and delicate, the thin coating is sweeter, and the thick coating is super fashionable.

Use blue eye shadow cream or water demon blue eyeliner to draw a clear blue eyeliner on the upper eyelid near the eyelashes. The thickness can be any, and the shape can be arbitrarily tried. The key point is to highlight the hard color outline.

How to apply the neon color eyeshadow palette?
Fluorescent eye shadows are very suitable for party makeup. It does not require complicated painting methods. A simple eyeliner or two can add a colorful color to the dark night, and it is guaranteed to make you the queen of this party!

Eye Primer Prime the eye area first with an eyeshadow primer or concealer. This is an important step when using colored eyeshadow, as it ensures that the eyeshadow looks bright and long-lasting.

Here we will show you simple eyeshadow makeup. First, use brown to make a base for the entire eyelid and cover the entire eyelid, and then use purple to dot the middle of the eyelid. Strengthen the end of the eye and lower eyelid and blends naturally with purple. Take olive yellow and dye your eyes with dizziness and you’re done!

You can also try this rainbow eye makeup. Apply yellow eyeshadow to the center and inner corners of the lids. Then, apply red eyeshadow to the outer corners of your eyes. Finally, paint yellow or green in between the green and yellow and blend them together until there are no distinct lines. You can easily find all these colors in any neon color eyeshadow palette.

Neon eye makeup is such a psychedelic and dazzling feeling, the rainbow-like colors are dotted on your eyes, making you charming, fresh, and enchanting. Makeup is a skill that every woman must learn. It can be used not only in daily life but also at parties or some special occasions.

The essence of fashionable neon eye makeup lies in the mixing and discontinuity of colors. In color matching, you can choose to use strongly contrasting colors or adjacent colors to achieve the desired effect. The so-called continuity of the upper eyeliner and lower eyeliner. Eyeliner is not a coherent line, but a discontinuous depth of difference.

Peacock-style eye makeup, which combines turquoise green, peach pin, and purple yellow, from the corner of the eye to the exaggerated lift at the end of the eye, the middle part is a slightly glossy pale pink, and the number of color alternates between dark and dark, as if in a forest.

Bold and edgy neon eye makeup will make your eyes full of glamour. If you are tired of some ordinary eye makeup, and your daily work allows you to change some special looks, you may wish to consider bold neon eye shadows!