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  5. What is so special about the new neutral blushed palette?

Looking for the new neutral blushed palette? How to choose the blush color? The correct combination of skin tones to create healthy and beautiful skin is an indispensable part of makeup.

Blush has always been active in the sight of makeup. Blush can make our faces look radiant and boost everyone’s self-confidence. There are many different blush colors today. How to choose the blush color has become our trouble.

It is important to choose the right combination according to your skin tone. Blush color and skin tone matching skills Today’s fashionable skin tones – orange-red, deep peach orange-red, and deep peach blush are healthy colors, and especially suitable for women, they not only make themselves look healthier but also personalized.

Pretty girls with slightly cooler skin tones, or if you want a neutral look, then peach pink blush is the best color. A neutral pink blush combined with a peach blush for a nice stabilizing effect. Just tap lightly on the cheekbones to create a natural blush.

Girls with fair skin can control many blush colors easily, but the more suitable colors are pink and peach pink. These two colors can add a touch of natural blush to fair skin, making people look very healthy and moisturizing, and a bit playful and cute.

How to select a new neutral blushed palette for warm neutral skin?

The best blush color for you with honey-colored skin is amber. So a mix of colors like orange, beige, and yellow can make our warm neutral skin tones look softer and more delicate.

The two colors of blush, peach, and orange, tend to be healthier. For many girls with neutral skin, they can make the skin look healthy and full of personality. There are not too many blush colors for warm yellow skin. Generally speaking, only orange and beige are enough, because these two tones can make the skin look extremely delicate and soft.

Although dark yellow skin is very distressing, and the choice of blush is more troublesome, we have no special needs. Generally, we use a foundation that is one degree higher than our skin first and then use orange blush. This will make the complexion appear more tinted and rosy. Never use pink or bright orange blushes, otherwise, your skin tone will look weird and very incongruous.

Dark brown skin, which is the opposite of fair skin, must also apply pink blush to make the complexion more balanced. Only in this way can you give your cheeks a soft and natural spring-like blush, dip in a little rose-colored nude pink blush, and gently pat on the apples of the cheeks to show your style.

To sum up, the lighter the skin, the lighter the blush, and the darker the skin, the darker the blush. For cooler skin, choose pink, warmer to orange, and neutral to mid-tone.

If there are still babies who can’t tell which skin color they belong to, let me tell you a little trick: you can use the camera filter to identify, warm skin with a yellow-tone filter to show yellow, use a blue-tone filter to show complexion, cool skin is the opposite while neutral skin yellow-blue tones hardly affect it much.

Blush can play a very important role in makeup, but beautiful ladies must learn how to choose the color of blush correctly to make themselves more beautiful! The new neutral blushed palette is now a hit on the market, you can find your dreamy blush by trying it one by one.

If you want to create a smaller face, in addition to shadow highlights, you also need to pay attention to the use of blush. Swipe pink blush on the cheekbones to make the facial features more vivid and obvious, making the face smaller.

On the cheekbones, start from below the temples and sweep the blush towards the corners of the mouth. Draw an arc along the hairline, and then apply the brushed blush in circular motions. It can emphasize the lines of the face and make the face thinner.

Many blushers will be equipped with a small brush, but the blushes brushed by a large brush will be more natural, and the effect of diffusion and smearing will be better. The most important thing is, with a big brush, it is not easy to get a monkey butt.