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Why not try a valentines day color palette? Although you don’t have to get into a romantic relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But whether it’s relaxing with friends, going on a date, or celebrating with your partner, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a little fun on Valentine’s Day—it all starts with the perfect Valentine’s Day makeup.

The foundation of dating must be natural. Just squeeze out two soybean-sized foundations, and then evenly apply makeup in small amounts and multiple times to create a translucent and moist makeup. For the blemishes, use a concealer brush to apply precise partial concealment, which can avoid the base makeup from looking too thick, and the concealer is stronger, which can create flawless makeup.

After finishing the foundation and concealer, you can use a makeup setting spray or loose powder to set the makeup, so that the base makeup will last longer, and wearing a mask will not blur the foundation.

How to draw with a valentines day color palette?

After drawing your brows, apply a layer of eye primer to your eyelids. Then cover the upper eyelid with a peach color. Many people say that the same eye shadow is not strong enough because the coloring technique and whether to use a light color as a primer also affect the color rendering. Use coral/peach red eye shadow to deepen the back half of the eye, choose a light highlight color to brighten the eyes, and layer with champagne sequins.

Lengthen the eye triangle with brown eyeshadow and blend all colors with a clean brush. Draw the inner and outer eyeliner, and choose brown eye shadow to smudge it, it has a good effect on lengthening the eyes, choose a natural false eyelash, and fill in the gaps of the eyelashes with liquid eyeliner. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

Makeup on Valentine’s Day is naturally indispensable with pinky and healthy skin and lovely smile! If you want to have the peach-like skin, the key is to choose a pink or coral perlescent blush. The key is to swipe lightly near the cheekbones, you are the most beautiful woman in the world! Remember, blush can not be too thick, otherwise it is easy to go too far.

Hydrating lip makeup can make your lips look full and shiny, and this effect will directly hit the other person’s heart! In fact, don’t care about the lipstick color, as long as it is beautiful and can highlight your personal style, it can be appreciated by men. Lipsticks with moisturizing texture, like the Perfect Diary Weightless Longwear Lip Stain of any color, can help you nail it at the party. Use this ultra-lasting lip stain that delivers bold color payoff well, who doesn’t want to kiss such cherry lips like yours?

At the same time, you should also do a good job in lip maintenance, apply a thick layer of lip balm before going to bed, and then gently wipe it off when you wake up the next day to remove dead skin and dead skin cells. Before applying lipstick, you can brush a layer of loose powder, and then use a matte lipstick that is close to the solid color as a base. Adjusting the lip shape can also make the subsequent lipstick more colorful so that the lip makeup will last longer!

Makeup with a valentines day color palette is very shiny on this big day. On the above makeup method, you can try the Perfect Diary iconic eyeshadow palette Explorer Eyeshadow Palettes, it does not crease and stay all day long, giving you the best sweet and stylish performance.

Eye makeup is the soul of our entire makeup look anytime. Good-looking eye makeup makes the whole person look better. You can paint a different and eye-catching makeup look when you go out on Valentine’s Day.

Be careful with your eyebrow makeup! Eyebrow makeup must be chosen according to your face shape. For example, girls with round faces draw curved eyebrows, girls with square faces draw eyebrows with obvious peaks, and girls with long faces draw long straight thick eyebrows. When thrusting eyebrows, you don’t need to start too hard, just draw a light effect, and the wild feeling can make the other party feel that your beauty is as charming as natural beauty!