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How can parents choose a safe and suitable make up set for kids? With the continuous improvement of people’s income, children’s skin care products and make-up products have also become more and more popular, and the average annual growth rate of the kids’ cosmetics market has reached about 20%.

However, in recent years, safety incidents caused by children’s use of skin care products and disinfection products have occurred from time to time, causing strong social concern. Like allergies, red and swollen eyes, skin ulcers and other issues emerge in an endless stream. Is it wrong to let kids wear makeup? Believe it is not, we should strictly select the ideal product for kids.

Everyone wants to be beautiful. Some children have also joined the “makeup” army, frequently using sunscreen, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, etc. Improper use of cosmetics or substandard quality will seriously harm the physical and mental health of the public. In particular, some children’s cosmetics are mostly produced by toy companies and do not have the qualifications for cosmetics production.

For example, your child may not usually wear makeup, but sometimes there are occasions to take beautiful photos, such as birthday photos, commemorative photos, graduation photos, etc. On these occasions, it can be more photogenic to apply some simple makeup to your kid. However, complicated cosmetics may cause allergies and acne in children, and the consequences are not worth the harm.

Therefore, it is extremely important to choose cosmetics and skin care products that are suitable for kids and teenagers. Makeup and skincare products from professional big brands must be chosen. When purchasing, it is best to look for their relevant safety certifications and try not to replace them with adult cosmetics. Because children’s skin is more delicate, products for adults may not be suitable for them.

Usually, you can find some combo sets in the market. It may include lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, and that’s it. Usually, the make up set for kids does not include much cosmetics as they may be too dramatic to apply for a kid.

Before putting makeup on the kid, he or she should wash the face first. It is best to use a towel to wash the face with warm water and dry it (it is best not to use cold water). After washing your face, apply a lotion (preferably with a child’s body lotion instead) for skin care and moisturizing.

Apply foundation: If you are using liquid foundation, squeeze out 1-2ML, evenly place it on the forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, etc., and apply it evenly. If it is foundation powder, use a puff or brush to spread evenly. Of course, children’s skin is generally very smooth and soft, if there is no liquid foundation or powder foundation, you can omit this step.

How to draw eyebrows: Children’s eyebrows are very sparse and should be properly modified, but do not do too much processing and repair (do not shave eyebrows and other modifications). You may want the whole makeup looks natural and refreshed.

Eyeshadow painting: The color of eye shadow should be determined according to the costume of the child (usually purple or pink can be used, and smoky color should be avoided), and it can be slightly thicker. The eyeliner can be exaggerated, the corners of the eyes are lifted upwards, and the boundaries are slightly blurred, not too hard or too sharp, it is best to add the gold powder to enhance the eyes.

Lips: The color of the lips should be bright, which can better set off the aura of the child. Lipsticks can be bright red, and the outline of the lips should not be drawn too large; the lipstick should be thinner and the outline of the lips should be clear to make children look cute and sweet. Lipstick in red, and then add lip gloss.

Hope you can choose the right make up set for kids. Just now we said that it is very important to strictly prohibit the use of adult cosmetics for children’s makeup. In addition, if the child is too young, it is best not to use mascara. Because the eyelashes are very heavy after the mascara is applied, children feel uncomfortable and will wipe it with their hands, causing the mascara to fall into the eyes, thus it is very dangerous.