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Eyeliner with felt tip is an easy and convenient way to define the eye area. The felt tip that comes with these pencils enables smoother application when compared with traditional make-up tips. They are also highly pigmented a lot more than their gel counterparts, which makes them ideal for people who have light eyes or large eyes. These eyeliners are also relatively less expensive than their gel counterparts and therefore make it a great option if you’re on a budget.

Tips to use eyeliner with felt tip

1. Choose the right color

Eyeliner with felt tips comes in a wide range of colors and shades, and therefore it’s important to choose the one that complements your appearance and skin tone. If you have fair skin or bright, light eyes, you could opt for lighter colors like white, grey or silver. These tones will create an illusion of brightness around your eyes without becoming too dramatic for daytime wear. If you have a darker skin and hair color combination, you can opt for more dramatic and bold colors like black or brown. Brown is more suited to blue-eyed people as it will enhance their appearance by giving the eyes a larger look.

2. Apply eyeliner before applying mascara

Check the instructions on the eyeliner packaging to see if it requires you to apply an eye make-up remover prior to applying the eyeliner. Alternatively, you can use a cotton bud soaked in moisturizing eye cream, but never apply water in this step as it will cause your eye make-up to run and smudge. Liquid or pencil based eyeliners are easier to apply than their felt tip counterparts and therefore require less time in storage space.

3. Avoid applying eyeliner to your inner lash line

Never apply eyeliner by drawing a thin line near the base of your lashes, as this will cause your eyeshadow to run. Instead, draw a thick line along the eye contour at the outer sides of your lashes, making sure not to apply excess pressure on the pencil.

4. Sharpen the pencil tip before using

It is important to sharpen all felt tip pencils before using them for maximum application quality and suitability. After sharpening, make sure to store them in a case or box to prevent accidental damage and ensure longevity. It’s best not to place them in plastic or metal containers as you may damage the tip and blunt it over time.

5. Wear eyeliner at least 3 to 5 hours after applying it

Even though the eyeliner will stay on for quite a few hours, it’s recommended that you wear eye make-up for at least five to six hours. To ensure long lasting results, apply your eyeliner with a light hand and avoid pressing hard or rubbing your lips together. Make sure your eyeshadow is also sufficiently set before applying the eyeliner as dark colors can smudge and disappear in high temperatures.

6. Keep away from water and temperature extremes

Make sure to store all felt tip pencils in cool or slightly cold conditions, as extreme temperatures can damage the tip over time. Also avoid placing them in a hot environment as it will cause them to dry out and lose their original shape.

7. Apply eyeliner in small steps

While application of the eyeliner can be quick, it’s better to work slowly and ensure that you remove the excess product with a tissue paper before applying the next layer. It can also be easier to work with the eyeliners if they are not stored in a horizontal position, especially felt tip pencils.

8. Ensure that your eyebrows are correctly groomed

Before applying eye make-up, ensure that your eyebrows are always well-groomed as this will make your eyeliner application appear flawless. Eyebrows are an important part of the face, and if they’re not done correctly, they can really ruin your overall appearance.

9. Use a good quality eyeliner pencil

Always opt for a good quality eyeliner pencil as this will ensure that it’s easy to apply and does not crumble when you sharpen it. You may want to consider using pen-style or marker-style eyeliners as these can be easier to apply and are great for people with small eyes or strabismus.

In conclusion, Eyeliner with felt tip is a perfect and easy to use eye make up as it comes in a variety of shades and colors that can create a dramatic look while being subtle enough to suit any occasion. It’s also great for people who have light eyes or large eyes as the pigment they provide works well with their appearance.