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  5. How is the berry red liquid lipstick?

I used to be very repelled by the berry red liquid lipstick with purple shades. I feel that the purple tone will make my makeup looks dirty, so I used to wear red or brown lipstick every day.

But don’t be afraid of berry color, it is a very special color, it will not be as formal as red, it has its own charming and intellectual sense. Girls may not wear makeup, but they must never wear lipstick. Choosing the right lipstick will not only enhance the complexion but also show people your style.

Have you ever used the Perfect Diary Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick? This is really the queen color number, her name is L10 Purple Pitaya, super a berry purple, very aura, but very easy to control. This color is very rich in purple tone, but it is mixed with a little reddish-brown, so it is not very picky on skin color, but it is better to match the makeup with yellow or white skin.

The same is true for fair skin. Matte and matte texture, very advanced, a little dry, it is best to use the best lip primer, the color is really beautiful, and it will not look cheap.

The thin coating will be more rose tone, the thick coating is the rich wine-stained berry color with super beautiful color, the red tone is very white, and it is very aura, and the color is also very suitable for yellow skin, wearing a suit coat in autumn and winter is too much match.

If you are tired of reddish-brown, you might as well have a berry color in autumn and winter. The gentle and domineering color will make autumn and winter more wild and charming. The covering power and staying power are also great, it does not dry out, and it lasts for a long time. Basically, there are no shortcomings.

Does the berry red liquid lipstick work for mid-age?
Raspberry color is a color between purple and bean paste, and it looks slightly lighter than real red. Applying it to the lips leaves them very hydrated and juicy, looking very fresh, like a berry.

Some people will ask, is this color suitable for mature women in their forties? When women in their 40s choose lipsticks, they should try to choose some calm, atmospheric, and temperament colors. For example, for most women in their 40s, some lipsticks with retro temperaments are good choices, showing a white temperament. It is versatile, and more importantly, it is very feminine.

Just as we mentioned, the Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick is a perfect choice for women of this age. Although it is a matte lipstick, it is not dry, and I think it is good for the lips. The color of the thin coating is very white with raspberries. I really like the color of the thick coating. It feels very light and ripe. If the overall makeup is a more mature style, I think this color is suitable.

Even if it is the same plum or berry color lipstick, we can see two very clear styles in the contrast between the thin coating and thick coating. This may be the charm of dark lipstick, sometimes the effect of one, two, and three layers is completely different. You may get plum-colored lipstick, but you can use it to create a variety of makeup looks.

The sense of color created by matte is inherently domineering, with a full aura like a queen, and full of personality. Berry color with a matte texture, then the queen’s aura is appropriate. If you want a gentler berry, then the velvet texture is very suitable for you. It has a moisturizing feel, but it is not as moisturizing as the glossy texture. It is very gentle and atmospheric.

The berry red liquid lipstick works for mid-age works perfectly. Let me give you some tips for matching berry-colored lipstick makeup. If your berry-colored lipstick is not so heavy in daily life, lipstick lovers only need to ensure that the makeup is clean and emphasizes their eyelashes. Isn’t it super convenient not to spend too much time on your makeup?

If you like thick application, then the makeup needs to be heavier. First of all, you need to add eyebrows to make your overall facial contour clearer, and appropriately add a blush of the same color. Of course, you still need to make your makeup look clean as a whole to be OK.