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Setting sprays without alcohol can help to maintain a long-lasting makeup look. In addition to using makeup products that suit your skin type, the use of makeup setting products is also essential. Among makeup setting products, makeup setting spray and makeup setting powder are commonly used.

Makeup setting spray is more convenient to use, and makeup setting powder has a better oil-controlling effect. So which is better? and what is the difference between makeup setting spray and makeup powder? Let’s take a look.

There is no definite conclusion as to which of the two is better. The choice of which product is better depending on the individual’s skin type. Alcohol-free makeup setting spray is also divided into dry skin and oily skin. It is essential to choose the product that suits your skin type.

Setting sprays without alcohol for dry skin

Makeup setting spray can be more suitable for people with dry skin because it can moisturize the skin and avoid problems such as sticking powder and makeup removal, so dry skin can use a makeup setting spray to help set up makeup.

A makeup setting spray that is friendly to dry skin generally has a certain luster, but it is not moisturizing and luster. The spray has fine glitters that will not be too exaggerated and the feeling of bling-bling on the face. The nozzle is also relatively thin, and the water mist sprayed is still very delicate.

People with normal skin will not be troubled by dry and oily skin. The makeup setting powder and makeup setting spray are all suitable. You can use whichever you feel. Because the texture of the spray is water-like, it can not only play a role in setting makeup but also help to moisturize the skin.

By forming a protective film on the skin, it makes the makeup last and relieves the problem of oily skin, showing the effect of moisturizing the skin. Usually, the spray used for medium-dry skin is more moisturizing. If you have oily skin, remember to buy a makeup setting spray that is relatively refreshing and oil-controlling.

Do Setting sprays work for oily skin?

Summer is here, and besides the sultry weather is annoying, the most annoying thing for girls is the problem of taking off makeup. The makeup I put on before going out in the morning is almost gone by noon.

At this time, in addition to makeup, you can also do some anti-makeup measures at the beginning of makeup, such as setting makeup with loose powder. But some girls must feel that the three layers inside and outside are enough, and adding a layer of loose powder makes a face feel suffocated! No worries, this is why you need some setting sprays without alcohol.

Most brands of makeup setting sprays on the market are alcohol-free and suitable for all skin types. The texture is very light and thin, the waterproof and sweat-proof effect are super, and it is not easy to apply makeup. And very moisturizing. It contains a film-forming agent, so there is a little tightness after spraying, but after the film is formed, the makeup will be more durable, clear, and shiny.

The effect of oil control and makeup is long-lasting. In summer, it lasts for 8 hours +. Spray before isolation, and the base makeup will be stickier and more long-lasting. After makeup, spray evenly at a distance of 40cm, which can reduce powder sticking, moisturizing, and oil control. In this case, if you are oily skin, consider such a setting spray.

A good makeup setting spray mainly has two important ingredients: one is water and the other is a film former. Because moisture can make our base makeup more docile, transparent, and naturally shiny; film-forming agents allow the spray to melt into the base makeup, thereby forming a film to increase the durability of the base makeup. In this way, the good effect of setting makeup can be achieved.

Therefore, we can consider whether this makeup setting spray is easy to use from the aspects of moisturizing and film-forming of the makeup setting spray. If you spray the spray directly on the brush and dip it into a powder-like makeup, it works well. It will surely fix your sweaty issues.