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Have you ever heard of face paint for airbrushes? It is a heated conversation in the makeup industry. Face painting is a new trend for people. Every time we attend special events and want to do something different to our faces, we can simply apply airbrushes to our faces and draw various beautiful pictures, like flowers, chessboard, and stars. Everything you can think of can be realized on faces by the airbrush. Want to know more about face paint for airbrushes? Let’s see!

What are the features of face paint for airbrushes?

Here, I would like to tell you some features of airbrushes for face painting. The airbrush for face painting is a new trend, which is easy-carrying and easy-removing for people who want to take it to different events. Hope you can enjoy it!

  1. Handy

It is very easy to use. All we need to do is first add paint to the gun and adjust it. Second, choose the picture you like and make it in the right position on your face. Finally, push the airbrush can and a delicate picture will be drawn on your face.

  • Long-lasting

The face paint is long-lasting and water-resistant, nearly 18 hours. It can last for a long time period. Meanwhile, if you want to wear it to play with water or want to cry, it’s all right. Enjoy yourself to fulfillments!

  • Easy carrying

The airbrush is almost weightless, so it is easy to carry with you. The airbrush is as large as your palm. Thus, if you want to take it with you when you go out, it won’t take up too much space in your luggage. Relax!

  • Easy removing

It doesn’t need your makeup remover or oil. You can remove it with soap and water. Wet your towel with running water and pick some soap on it. Mix them and softly wash off the makeup on your face. 

  • Not harmful to your face

It is friendly to sensitive skin. All you need to do is apply some cream before using the airbrush because it can prevent stimulate your skin. Especially, water-based airbrush face paint is better, given that it can better stem sweat from clogging your pores. Since face painting is frequently used by kids, we don’t need to worry about its ingredients. However, chemicals are contained, so don’t apply airbrushes very often.

  • Even and full coverage

Unlike traditional cosmetics, the paint pushed by airbrushes is even on the face because the nozzle is well-proportioned. Also, it can cover all the targeted places naturally. The picture is like being born on your face. The colors of the paint also match the skin, given that the airbrush gives you smooth and flawless makeup art.

How do we apply face paint for airbrushes to makeup?

  1. Add the paint

Airbrush contains a gun and a hose, attached to a little air compressor. The painters draw pictures with the airbrush gun, and the gun has a needle size opening. We pull the trigger, and the paint is released.

  • Choose the picture

There are specified pictures for face painting on the internet. Download and print them and cut them according to the order. Put it in the position on your face you like. More importantly, don’t move it when painting.

  • Push the gun

After adding the paint, it is dropped into the cup attached to the gun. Meanwhile, the air goes through the hose of the gun. Finally, the makeup will come out in a fine mist.

  • Enjoy your beauty

The airbrush face paint has produced delicate art on your face. You can have partial or full makeup. Draw a blue butterfly on your face and suppose it can fly, give you more flower decoration to let you become a fairy, or make yourself a green monster on Halloween that even your parents can’t figure out your identity. You will definitely enjoy how the art makeup will look on the child’s face, on yourself, and on the other adults in the different events

Above are all the necessary points you have to know if you want to learn face paint for airbrushes. Buy the airbrush and try it at once! You will find a different makeup for you in a short time! Go for it!