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How exactly can it be called the best eye shadow brush? As we all know, makeup brushes are an essential tool for makeup application, especially eyeshadow brushes, and there are various types of brushes on the market for different purposes.

But with the constant innovation and changes in brushes, we want to further understand what kind of features the best eyeshadow brushes have, so let’s talk about the types of the best eyeshadow brushes, their role, how to pick or distinguish them and the subsequent cleaning and maintenance steps, to provide you with one more choice for your beautiful makeup look!


The first type is a large flat head brush with a large area, which is suitable for priming or coloring the eyelids. And generally speaking, the brushes are longer and looser to the touch, so they can also be used to render the overall eye makeup after the beauty of the eyeshadow, halo color, making the overall makeup more harmonious.

The second is the medium flat brush, which is suitable for coloring in the crease of the eyelids, especially for people with more pronounced eyelids. Generally speaking, people will dip the wide side of the brush into the eyeshadow and sweep it directly onto the crease of the eyelid and they’re done. However, if the eyelids are not obvious, you can use a smaller brush to color the eyelids, so it will be easier to complete the makeup.

The third type is the small flat-head brush, also known as the detail brush, which can be used to apply the finer details of the eye, or when there are parts that need to be highlighted, you can also use the detail brush to focus your makeup.

The last type is the tapered brush, which has a bristle-like tip and is a relatively uncommon eyeshadow brush that people see on a daily basis. The tapered brush can be used to deepen the end of the eye, assuming that the beauty is drawn from the end of the eye to the front end, giving the beauty of a gradual change in eye shadow. Of course, you can also use it to make the triangle at the end of the eye, or use the top of the brush bristles to draw eye shadow on the lower eyelid.


1. Eyeshadow brushes are usually soft and flexible, than facilitate a smooth creation of makeup. In addition, the delicate curvature of the brush is good for drawing eye shadow and creating a more natural eye look.

2. It is best used to create a three-dimensional and natural eye shadow effect.

3. It is obvious that eye shadow is the main sign of makeup and the key to distinguish different makeup types. Therefore, the different eye shadows can adjust and emphasize the structure of the eye, adjust the distance between our eyebrows and eyes, or adjust the shape of the eyes. At the same time, eye shadow can also express the characteristics of the makeup type and make the eyes look charming and attractive.


When choosing an eyeshadow brush, we recommend that you choose one that is soft and fluffy, as it allows the eyeshadow to smudge easily when swept across the eyelid to create a sophisticated eye look. Also, it should be the right size to cover a quarter of your eyelid and still allow you to control the brush comfortably to create a nice and appropriate eyeshadow.

Here are a few pointers to help you choose the best eye shadow brushes. First, run the brush over your skin a few times. If it feels gentle and comfortable to the touch without any stinging, it’s ideal. Next, hold the brush bristles with your fingers and gently comb downwards to determine if there is any hair loss. Finally, press the brush lightly on the back of your hand to present a semicircle, if you see a neat cut, then it is safe to choose.

How to clean and maintain?

We try to wipe the residual eye shadow with a tissue after each use. If time allows, it is best to have a professional brush cleaner drop on the brush and then rinse it with cold water in the direction of the bristles for a while, and finally dry it. If you don’t have a professional cleaner, soak the brush in warm water diluted with shampoo every two weeks, then rinse with cold water, tidy the bristles and air dry.

By reading this, do you already have a deep understanding of the best eye shadow brushes, such as the role, how to pick or distinguish them and the subsequent cleaning and maintenance steps with the above. I really hope all of these can help you in your daily life in a practical way!