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Looking for lipstick for pigmented lips? We all know, pigmentation is the increase in pigment caused by a variety of reasons, resulting in a localized deepening of the color. If the lips are pigmented, it may be due to the following reasons: 1. Born this way 2. The quality of the lipstick is bad 3. The lips are sensitive.

No matter what the reason is, pigmentation will affect appearance and beauty. It is necessary to adopt the correct method to improve the pigmentation in time so that the lips can slowly return to their natural color. To remove or reduce pigmentation, we need to start from two aspects: makeup and skin care. Makeup and lipstick can help you cover up pigmentation, and skin care can help you reduce pigmentation.

The caring for pigmented lips
The first is skincare. Before applying any lipstick, it is best to give your mouth a primer. Using lip primer and lip balm can effectively block the erosion of ultraviolet rays and cosmetics on the skin of the mouth, and they contain a variety of ingredients to prevent chapped and dry lips and keep lips soft and moisturizing.

Doing a lip mask and exfoliating regularly is also a way to maintain your lips. First, clean your lips, apply a moisturizing lip mask or a beauty serum for lips on your lips, and wash them off for about 10 minutes. If you take a hot bath when doing a lip mask, it can help nutrients penetrate into the lips, which can better improve pigmentation.

In addition, remember to remove your makeup well after applying makeup, and use a professional lip makeup remover to remove the lipstick to prevent the pigment of the lipstick from re-precipitating.

The other important part is makeup just as we mentioned. How to select a protective and beautiful lipstick for pigmented lips? As we all know, our lipstick is in close contact with our lips, so it is difficult for us to avoid not eating or rubbing off some lipstick when we eat, thus we will select a long-lasting but non-toxic lipstick. But how do we select the right color?

The color selection for pigmented lips
It is not a headache anymore when choosing the right colors for pigmented lips. Choose a lipstick that is fuller in color and can completely cover your own lip color. Generally, this kind of lip color is lipstick with a darker color; if your lip color is ruddy, there are basically many colors. It is suitable for all, light and bright colors, and the texture of the lipstick can be selected according to the type of makeup.

For example, Perfect Diary’s Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick, L06 Mary Jane, and L07 Rivet Mauve cover dark lip colors well. If you like lighter shades of lipsticks, consider L12 Creamy Orange and 15 Cherry Blossom, these are lighter shades that tend to be nude, but not nude at all, a little red tone can help to hide pigments well. Both these colors can help to cover your natural lips color without adding too much effect.

Another color you can consider is red color. When applying lipstick for pigmented lips, the purest red can well conceal the poor complexion caused by the dark purple lips, and the pure vermilion can set off the complexion very fair, which can make the aura more outstanding. Weightless Longwear Lip Stain is one of the lipsticks you can choose, the coloring is full, the texture is creamy, and the performance is smooth and eye-catching.

The above are the colors that we recommend to you. In addition, it should be noted that if the pigmentation of the lip color is relatively deep, it is best not to choose a high-coloring berry-colored or purple lipstick, because the color will appear exaggerated when you put it on your lips. If you really want to try these colors, you can do the primer work on the lips as we just said, so that the color of the lipstick on the mouth will be more natural and not dark.

From the above, we have been giving you some solutions and color selection of pigmented lips. It is worth mentioning that if your mouth is prone to sensitivity, you must choose a high-quality lipstick, like the one we recommend above, and you must do a good job of moisturizing and removing makeup before makeup. Only by doing skincare and makeup from the inside and outside can you reduce pigmentation.