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Lip liner and lipstick sets are now extremely popular thanks to their practical benefits one gets straight out of the box. If you are looking to buy one and want to know how to select one, then this blog post is for you. 

These sets are arguably one of the best investments you can make for their makeup routine. These sets not only give a fantastic look you always want to have on your lips but also come with a lipliner, adding more wearing time to them. If you were living under a rock, let’s firsts go through the basics:

Lipsticks: They are probably one of the most common cosmetics in the beauty multiverse and are made to give more definition and coloring to one’s lips. Lipsticks come in various styles, shades, and textures to get a specific look. 

Lip Liners: Lipsticks are great, but lipliners are like their sidekicks. They keep them in the area they should be and also enhance the wearing time of the entire lip makeup. They are one of the must-have makeup essentials which one cannot afford just to skip. Lipliners come in different shades, just like lipsticks and can be tricky to select when buying sets with other lipsticks. 

Lip Liner and Lipstick Sets: It is a brainer that the lipliners and lipsticks are supposed to be always together to get that standard makeup for anticreasing and long wearing times. This is why manufacturers now offer them in sets so everyone can have one product in hand for two different purposes. 

Checklist for Lip Liner and Lipstick Sets:

1. Always select a set with lipliner one to two shades darker than the other lipstick shades in the set. This also means that you have to keep the same undertones and the same color family as well.

2. Check if the set has more or two shades deeper lipliners which can be great for more dramatic and sexy lip looks, but don’t go out of the color family; otherwise, it will be a disaster.

3. If you have cool skin tones, go for a set with blue or purple undertones and lipliners.

4. If your skin has warm tones, opt for warmer shades of lipliners. In this case, shades like peaches and oranges are a great match.

5. If you are someone with a neutral skin tone, then you got the freedom to choose what you love the most. You are one lucky lad whose skin will look on most of the hues available in lipliners. 

6. For lipstick in the set, you also need to know your undertone, swatch lip shades on the underside of any of your arms, doing it in a natural lighting space. This will show you the right complexion you have for your skin, which should be pink (cool) or yellow (warm) undertoned skin. Selecting a set with the right shades will greatly affect the results and enhance your complexion and also whiten your teeth as well.

7. Another common way to use a lip liner is to be in the same shade your lipstick is. In this way, they will blend together in the best possible way and lipliners will stay invisible due to color matching. 

8. Lipliners can also be used as a one-shade lighter compared to the lipstick shade o gloss, which also gives a unique look if you are up for it. Just make sure that whichever lip liner and lipstick sets you choose for yourself glow on you and match your skin requirements, as explained above. 

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