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Have you ever used a bright pink lip liner? When it comes to makeup shades, there seems to be a well-recognized minefield. No matter what your favorite shade is, what shade it is, no matter what your skin tone is, when you talk about a shade, you will smile awkwardly and shake your head. I believe that some people have already guessed it, and that is the famous bright pink in the makeup industry.

But what is very puzzling is that major brands have not given up their pursuit of bright pink. Basically, every major series of lipsticks will contain a bright powder, fluorescent powder, or other similar shades. Is it because it looks gorgeous and dreamy, with the temperament of a Barbie princess?

To apply lipstick beautifully, a full and beautiful lip shape is the foundation. For myself, the only minor issue is that the lower lip is a bit thinner compared to the upper lip. Therefore, when painting lip makeup, she will also intentionally draw some lipstick to optimize the shape of the lips. If you also have lip problems such as asymmetric lips or thin lower lips, you can adjust the lip color with a lip liner or a cotton swab.

A light lip shape is not enough. When applying bright lipstick, you need to make some adjustments to the details of the lip shape, which will make you more feminine and more delicate.

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you want a special clown look, consider a bright pink lip liner! You can find that most of the makeup looks very harmonious and unified. The red eye makeup is matched with the red blush, and finally, the red lip is applied, you will not feel that the red lip is so abrupt.

How to draw clown makeup with a bright pink lip liner?

How to draw clown makeup to make it different? In our daily life, many people like to try all kinds of makeup looks. Many people are interested in clown makeup, especially the previous clown girl’s dress has been imitated a lot, and you can also paint it yourself to produce different effects.

For example, Harley Quinn in DC Comics is a good imitation makeup. First of all, you have to do the basic work of primer. Remember, the clown girl is very white, so use white color for the primer, and use concealer to cover up the dark circles under the eyes. The overall look is one degree whiter than usual. The role of the clown girl is relatively strong, and it is necessary to make thicker eyebrows with obviously raised eyebrows.

For the eye makeup part, first use a large area of purple-red smudged purple-pink eyeshadow to sweep the upper eyelid and the lying silkworm position and sweep the lower eye socket. Then push the eye shadow down from the end of the eye, draw a thick black eyeliner up and down, and repeat the above steps with the blue eye shadow on the right. Finally, draw Harley Quinn’s iconic red heart on her cheeks, and that’s it!

The lip’s part is the focus. First, use a lip liner to outline the lip line. For example, if the mouth is too thin, you can draw it a little bigger, and then use a cotton swab or a makeup brush to smudge it to make it look half-off.

Finally, you can choose a bright red or a darker pink lipstick and match it with the lips that have just been smudged. After applying, use a setting powder to properly set the makeup.

If your lips are thin and bumpy, a lip liner can fill in better than lipstick. Use a lip liner to fill in the entire lip, and it can also fill in uneven areas more evenly. This is something you can’t achieve with lipstick.

Why does the brand launch the same color lip liner and lipstick, just to make your lip color more durable, the waxy lip liner is first applied to the lips, and then the lipstick of the same color is applied. The waxy texture combines with the lipstick’s long-lasting lip color without fading. Have you learned it now?