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How to make lash glue is a question that many crafty makeup enthusiasts wonder about. Many girls who wear makeup regularly may be concerned about the safety of the eyelash glue they buy in the market. Can these lash glues, which are full of various chemical ingredients, cause harm to our eyes?

Therefore, for the factory, how to make lash glue?
First, let’s take a look at the common eyelash glues on the market and their ingredients.
At present, there are basically two types of eyelash glue, one is water-based eyelash glue, and the other is alpha-cyanoacrylate type.

Water-based formula principle and basic composition.
● Water-soluble polymers: water-soluble polymers mainly play a bonding role, commonly used are water-based polyurethane emulsion, acrylic emulsion, EVA emulsion, PVA emulsion, PVP, etc.
● Low boiling point solvent: can effectively shorten the bonding time.
● Humectant: commonly used glycerin, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, etc.
● Tackifier: can effectively improve the initial adhesive strength, commonly used chitosan, alginate, protein and other plant-based adhesive components.
● Pure water: generally, accounts for about 50%.

α-cyanoacrylate formula principle and basic composition.
Although the water-based formula is more friendly to human skin, the durability and adhesion are still insufficient.
● Alpha-cyanoacrylate resin: The adhesive formulated by this resin will absorb the moisture in the air, leading to anionic polymerization to achieve curing, and thus curing speed is fast, after gluing 10-30s that is sufficient strength. Such as common quick-drying adhesive, instant adhesive, 502 adhesives, etc. are such adhesives.
● Toughening agent: reduce the rigidity of the main resin, enhance the bonding strength, commonly used nitrile rubber, etc.
● Catalyst and accelerator: shorten the bonding time, mainly diethanolamine, triethanolamine, cyclodextrin, etc.
● Polymerization inhibitor: improve the storage stability of the product, to avoid the curing of the product for a long time since the poly.
● Rheology additives: fumed silica, enhance the use of adhesive performance.

At room temperature, stir all the ingredients in order and mix well to obtain the lash glue.

These lash glue if used too often is likely to cause damage to the eyes. If you use a brand name product from a regular merchant, the damage may be less. But there are a lot of terrible, cheap, poor-quality glue on the market, manufacturers often ignore the relevant regulations to add a lot of industrial adhesives and preservative ingredients (such poor-quality glue often smells bad) in order to keep costs down. Women who love beauty makeup often do not care about these “gadgets”. You do not know that these cheap products that you do not care about, is likely the reason for the skin and eye health.

So, for makeup lovers, how to make lash glue by ourselves?

From the above commercial recipes, it is clear that the production of eyelash glue is very complex and professional. The eyes are a very sensitive and delicate area and we do not recommend making your own eyelash glue, which may easily cause eye allergies or even more serious consequences.

But in fact, we can use mascara to create the same curled, lightweight, false eyelash-like effect, and more natural, without worrying about eyelash fall, and most importantly, without causing irritation and damage to the eyes, but also to show a charming makeup.

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We’re sure you now understand how to make eyelash glue at the factory, making your own is very risky and we highly discourage you from trying it. If you want curled lashes but are still very concerned about safety, mascara is also a very good option. Today’s mascara has a very good effect on maintaining the beauty and charm of eyelashes, which is worth trying.