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People with sensitive skin and those who are sensitive to scents often tend to opt for fragrance free setting spray or a loose powder for makeup setting. However, among similar products, some of the formulas are mainly aimed at inhibiting oil secretion, while others are for long-lasting moisturizing, and there are differences in the makeup feeling of matte and glossy, making people not know how to choose.

First of all, what is a makeup setting spray? Makeup setting spray is a product with a basic moisturizing spray added to a film-forming agent. Its water mist is relatively delicate and has a good film-forming effect. The main function is moisturizing + makeup setting.

Makeup setting sprays can generally be used before or after makeup. Apply before makeup to increase skin moisturizing ingredients and help to apply makeup better. And after makeup use, it can keep makeup in a good state for a long time.

After applying the base makeup, open a certain distance (about 20 cm is recommended), spray the whole face with a spray, and then gently press the face with a tissue to absorb the excess water, so that the evaporation of water makes the foundation and the skin fit better. And your makeup is not easy to blur out. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a fragrance free setting spray.

1. The water mist particle size of the spray

Generally speaking, the finer the water mist, the better, so that the spray will be more uniform and soft. It is recommended to go to the counter to try it before buying (if you buy a larger particle, you must spray it farther away).

2. Whether it contains acrylic acid (ester)/ally methotrexate co-polymer

Acrylic acid (ester)//ally methotrexate co-polymer is the main component of makeup setting spray. It has film-forming properties and can increase the durability of foundation makeup. However, some setting sprays do not contain this ingredient, and the set effect will be greatly reduced.

3. Does it contain mineral oil and prophylaxis palmitate

For oily and acne-prone skin, be sure to avoid these two ingredients. Poor breathability of mineral oil can easily lead to clogged pores. Prophylaxis palmitate is acne-prone, and in people with pre-existing acne, using products containing this ingredient can aggravate acne breakouts.

4. Does it contain moisturizing ingredients?

If there are moisturizing ingredients in the makeup setting spray (for example glycerin, vitamin B5, natural moisturizing factor NMF, hyaluronic acid, etc.), after spraying on the face, it can play some moisturizing effect, which is very friendly to dry skin. In addition, if it contains moisturizing ingredients, even if it does not contain acrylic (ester) type//ally methotrexate co-polymer, it will have a certain makeup setting effect.

The makeup setting spray is sprayed on the face, which is different from the sunscreen spray that sprays on the body. If you don’t like fragrance, then it is best to choose a fragrance free setting spray. On the contrary, if you decide to choose “scented type”, it is recommended to choose the product with “XX fragrance type” directly marked on the packaging.

If only the word “spice” is stated in the ingredient list, it is difficult to judge what kind of taste it is. If you care about artificial additives, you can choose products with natural essential oils instead of fragrances.

So you need a good, alcohol-free, silicone-free, oil-free makeup setting spray that’s suitable for all skin types. Spraying before makeup can make the follow-up foundation more compliant, spray after makeup can effectively set makeup and control oil, and help your makeup last a long time on the face. It is a must-have item no matter in summer or winter.

In addition to the spray distance being too close, the thickness of the spray particles is also a major focus. Usually, aerosol-type and high-pressure gas-type spray bottles can spray evenly on a large area, and general spray heads also have products that packaging instructions and feedback from netizens.

In addition, it is also recommended not to spray directly on the face, but to spray upwards and catch the water droplets in the air with the face, so that it falls evenly on the surface of the face; and do not pat it with your hands, you should wait for it to dry naturally, so as not to damage the makeup.