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  5. Never Forget to Keep Pink Under Eye Powders in your Kit, Here’s Why

Pink under eye powders are loved by many, and to master them, one needs to learn how and when to wear them. Read this to learn everything you may need to know about them.

In the world of banana powders, translucent powders, and a plethora of powders from a zillion brands, pink setting powders offer you much more than was never possible before. Our under-eye skins are sensitive, thin, and fragile. That is why it deserves your special attention. A nourishing setting powder keeps your makeup in place and provides your skin under the eyes with all the boost it needs.

Pink Under Eye Powders: Setting powders to come in different shades, one of which is pink. These suits people with fair to medium skin tones who have cool undertones. (If you are below this skin pigmentation spectrum, consider using a banana powder that has gained exponential popularity in the last months.

Remember the color wheel from the school? The pink shades were opposite to the blue colors in that wheel, which is precisely what the pink under powders does on your skin. It cancels the blue tones, which are characterized to appear under the eyes and are associated with dark and dull under the eye skin.

1. Works wonders for tired eyes and instantly takes away that sleepy look.

2. They make your complexion look radiant and appealing.

3. They act like color-correcting concealers. Instead of concealing your skin problems (Acne, blemishes, etc.), they can smoothly cover your dull skin and shaded areas under the eyes and make a smooth, even canvas.

4. They can address all the skin issues associated with the blue undertones under your eyes.

5. They also work for baking under the eyes. Just use your concealer and follow the baking process we explained here on your blog to get the best results with all-day wearing times.

6. They can give you a nice brightening effect under your eyes, giving you a flawless and active-looking feel.

7. Pink setting powders are known best to give you a less tired look and are an excellent hack for people with hectic lifestyles.

How to use Pink Under Eye (Setting) Powders:

1. Start with your usual cleansing and moisturizing of your face. Use a scrub to remove any dead skin under your eyes.

2. Get your under-eye primer done, and apply your foundation first.

3. Grab your concealer (one lighter shade compared to your skin) and start applying where you have darkness under your eyes, mainly near the inner eye areas. Extend it towards to temple if needed and blend it properly.

4. After buffing the concealer, grab your pink under-eye setting powder, apply it with a triangular sponge under the eyes, and let it bake for a couple of minutes.

5. Pink color will counteract the under-eye dark circle tones.

6. Now grab a setting powder brush and gently wipe away the excess powder from your skin.

7. To finish the look, add a flesh-colored powder on top of it to give it a more natural and blended look. When done, proceed with your bronzer and the rest of the makeup routine.

Editor Tips:

1. Always apply the pink under-eye powders or any powder with a quality setting powder brush to get the best results which will look much more natural and blended.

2. If you have a lot of fine lines around your eyes, try to keep the layer of pink under eye powder as thin as possible; otherwise, it will make them look more prominent.

3. No matter which setting powder you go for, makeup foundation should be the one that tends to bond best with the concealers and the setting powders. One such is the High Coverage Liquid Foundation from Perfect Dairy; we love it because it comes with a formula guaranteed to give you a naturally blurring look. It is long-lasting and quickly settles on your skin. If you have dry skin, the Renewal Flawless Cushion Foundation from the same brand gives you a second-skin feel with its excellent matte coverage.