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Do you know what types of makeup brushes you can choose? What are they used for? How many makeup brushes do you need to finish the whole makeup look? Is an unsatisfactory makeup look the result of using the wrong brush? If you encounter these problems, you can find the answer in this tutorial.

For those who are new to makeup, it may be overwhelming to face all kinds of brushes, so we will introduce you to different types of makeup brushes in detail, from their shapes, and materials to their uses. And then you can pick the appropriate instrument to help you create a flawless makeup look.

Different functions
In addition to preparing the cosmetics, we also need to prepare the corresponding tools before starting each step of our makeup. The different brushes become the most common tools used in our makeup. Therefore, according to different uses, the brushes can be used to apply lipstick, foundation, highlight, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, concealer, loose powder and so on. Are you surprised at that? Well, almost every step can be done with a makeup brush, so there are so many brushes on offer.

However, foundation brushes and loose powder brushes are not recommended for beginners. The former is more difficult to use and has higher requirements on your skin type. If you are inexperienced, it can be difficult for you to use an appropriate strength to apply the foundation, so the base makeup will look uneven with obvious marks that the brush leaves. The same is true of the loose powder brush. And the effect of oil control is not good. Therefore, it is recommended for beginners to use a Beauty Blender to apply the foundation and a makeup puff to apply the loose powder.

Different shapes
The shape of makeup brushes can be roughly divided into these three categories: oval-like, flat-like, and flame-like shapes. The oval-shaped makeup brush is suitable for drawing eyeshadow, which is a delicate process and requires blending small areas with patience. Flat brushes are ideal for concealing and applying the lower eyeshadow. The flame-shaped makeup brushes have relatively large bristles, which are suitable for blush, highlighting and contouring.

Different materials
First of all, bristles that are made of various materials are used to apply products of different textures. For example, even two brushes of the same size and shape, one should be used to apply eyeshadow and the other should be used to apply concealer. Why? Because their textures are different, one is made of animal hair and the other fiber hair.

  • The characteristics of fiber hair: it is cheap, but the ability of powder extraction is poor; it is not easy to be damaged with durability. You can use it to apply some oil-containing cream products, such as concealer, lipstick, blush cream, etc.
  • The characteristics of animal hair: it is easily broken; the cheap one will make your skin uncomfortable, otherwise is very expensive. This kind of brush is generally used for applying powder products, such as eyeshadow, loose powder, contour powder, etc. One of the biggest advantages is that it has a strong ability to take powder because of its scales. The powder can enter the gap between the scales so that it can be lightly released onto our skin when it is applied to our face.

Therefore, the brush with animal hair is better to blend the shades into our skin and is especially suitable for eye makeup that requires a fine blending, like the matte dark eyeshadow that is hard to blend, such as black, purple, dark blue, etc. So we recommend you to use brushes with animal hair when blending eyeshadows, and fibrous brushes when applying blush or shadows on the face.

After reading this article, I believe you must have a deeper understanding of the types of makeup brushes. If you want to get more about the detailed tutorials on the use of various makeup brushes, you can visit our website to find out more, and we also have a lot of cosmetics for you to choose from on our website. Now utilize the brushes that you have to create a beautiful makeup look for yourself!