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The functions of lip primer before lipstick
Lip primer is a type of lip makeup that helps smooth out fine lines on your lips. It can also give your lipstick and lip glaze a long-lasting effect. Applying lip primer before lipstick can help improve the color and texture of your lips while keeping them moist.

As we just mentioned, lip primer is a kind of essential cosmetic. If you have already heard about it but still haven’t used it, or if you’re not sure whether it’s a necessary product for your daily makeup, you may want to learn about the following functions of lip primer.
1. Improve dull lip color
In fact, the lips are part of your skin, which also produces dull problems as skin does. You can use a lip exfoliating product and a lip primer to save your lips and improve dull lip color. If you apply some lip scrub and wipe it off with a cotton pad after massaging your lips with your fingers, you can get rid of the old, dead skin on your lips. After that, apply a lip primer and you can restore the radiant and pink lips.

2. Resist creasing
Lip primer can also help you solve an irritating problem. We all know that the bad weather in autumn and winter makes us feel very dry! The lips, in particular, tend to be dry and wrinkly. Although we drink water as much as possible, it also leaves us stuck with lip balm all day. But applying lip balm after makeup will stain your lipstick, so you need to apply a lip primer. This step will help your lips resist creasing.

3. Long-lasting lip gloss
The most beneficial function is that lip primer has the effect of moisturizing and embellishing, which can make your subsequent lips makeup longer lasting. In that case, your lip makeup could be more perfect, and the color of your lipstick will not be removed. In addition, it should be noted that the person with lighter skin tone should use the lip primer with brighter color, and the one with darker skin tone should use the lip primer with darker color.

How to apply lip primer before lipstick?
After learning the functions of lip primer, are you prepared to try a lip primer for your daily lip makeup? If you’re, just try this as follows.
Step 1: Flake peeling
Exfoliating is the key to helping remove the buildup of dead skin cells, leaving your lips smoother and better colored. As we mentioned above, apply some lip scrub of your preference to your lips and massage your lips for a while to remove dead skin.

Step 2: Moisten your lips
Remember to drink a glass of water after you’ve removed all the lip scrub and dead skin cells from your lips. This step will make your lips softer and easier to get color. Tips: step 1 and step 2 can also be used as your everyday lip care steps, even when you do not need make-up. You can just do it after your daily skincare steps.

Step 3: Apply lip primer
Now for the most important part: applying lip primer to your lips to set the foundation for the rest of your lip makeup. Remember, a little lip primer has a long effect, so just applying a thin layer to your lips is enough. This step can improve the color and texture of your lips while keeping them moist. At this point, you can already see that your lips are very different from before using the lip primer.

After learning these three easy but useful steps, we believe you can surely get the most suitable lip makeup. Do you see the magic of lip primer? If your answer is yes, then just try it now!