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Do you know what should prepare in your make up travel kit before having a trip? For different types of travel, we need to make different travel preparations. If you want to have beautiful photos at all times while traveling, cosmetics are essential, but if you carry too much, it will also increase the burden of our trip.

Principles for equipping a make up travel kit

Principle 1: Separate your makeup kit from your luggage bag.
A carry-on makeup bag is of course essential to ensure that your skin is effectively protected from external damage even during your trip. It also helps to avoid the embarrassment and confusion of rummaging through your luggage to find the skin care products you need in public.

A carry-on bag is especially suitable for those of you who choose airplanes as a means of travel, as the dry cabin environment is bound to affect the health of your skin if you don’t have any skincare measures on a long flight. As the rules for registering carry-on cosmetics are becoming stricter, care products for daily care only need to be kept in a large suitcase.

Principle 2: Avoid the heavy stuff.
If you put all your household cosmetics in your suitcase, it will not only take up space, but also weigh a lot. So, when you buy cosmetics, remember to ask for trial packs. If it’s too late to have these trial packs, go to a beauty store and buy plastic or glass vials for dispensing. If you take a 7-day vacation, for example, the amount of lotion is about 30-35 ml, so what’s the need to carry a large glass bottle of 200 ml?

Principle 3: Prepare according to the destination  
Do not bring what you can’t use, women often have selection disorder when organizing their luggage. How to know what exactly is needed? The first thing you need to know is the climate of your destination. Hot weather in the tropics or northern hemisphere requires no high-oil products, but a high-index sunscreen is what is needed, while dry, cold zones, in addition to highly moisturizing creams, care oils are also essential in the packing list.

Principle 4: Organize with a checklist  
Tired of unpacking? Why not make a packing list before you go, in addition to beauty products can also be the necessary clothing, as well as practical beauty gadgets? In accordance with the functional distinction of effective configuration, it will be easy to bring the most necessary things as well, but also will not appear to miss.  

Basic cosmetics to bring in your make up travel kit
1. Foundation
Foundation can be packed into unused contact lens cases, which is very easy. You can also bring a few small disposable powder puffs to apply your makeup, which are very convenient to throw away when you are done with them.

2. Makeup brushes
Many people can’t do their makeup without their makeup brushes, so they have to take them with them when they go out. You can put the makeup brushes you want to use into the disposable gloves, five fingers can put five brushes, which is basically enough for going out. After the brushes are put in, use a small leather strap to fix them.

3. Powder cosmetics
Like eye shadow, blush, grooming such powder products, in fact, you can buy a good-looking iron stationery box, and then take out what you need from the original packaging, with double-sided adhesive such as sponge glue, free combination into a makeup tray, whether or not it is going out such a DIY makeup tray is very convenient.

4. Water and cream
Skin care products can be packed in split bottles, if you still go on a trip, it is recommended not to bring a solid mask, sheet mask will be more convenient.

5. Makeup remover
Find a plastic bag that can be sealed, first soak the makeup remover cotton with makeup remover water, then put the soaked makeup remover cotton into the sealed bag. If you want to bring eye makeup remover and normal makeup remover, you can use two bags for them and then write the name on the bag with a marker to distinguish them.

In short, plan your make up travel kit according to your needs. The right makeup list allows you to travel with ease while also posting enviable and charming photos on social platforms.