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Have you ever tried some blue green eyeshadow looks? Most of the eye shadows are mainly reddish brown now, which will inevitably lead to aesthetic fatigue after looking at them for a long time. And with the right method, blue-green can also look good. Today, I will share with you how to use blue-green eyeshadow.

The tone that looks cold and indifferent is completely different from the bling, pink, and orange of the current net red eye shadow. The most terrifying thing is blue-green. It is estimated that many people will be persuaded to quit at a glance. There is never an unsightly color, nor an uncommon color, only a color that does not match well and eye shadow that is not used properly.

Try these blue green eyeshadow looks
First of all, blue-green can be used as a lower eye shadow. You may have seen some eye shadow videos from beauty blogs. Some people have done a good demonstration. She used a very common brown for the upper eye shadow and a very bold green for the lower eye shadow.

Ordinary eye makeup immediately becomes so special. Unlike eyeliner, it is not a thin line like eyeliner, but it needs to be smudged, and the range is slightly larger than that of eyeliner, which will be more high-profile than the previous painting method. But with dark eye shadow, it will not look exaggerated.

In addition to being used as an eyeliner to embellish eye makeup, it can also be used with common colors, such as light brown, light pink, and yellow. It can usually be used on the beginning and end of the eyes, and lightly blended to allow them to blend naturally with light colors. This kind of makeup will be slightly exaggerated, suitable for shopping and parties. If you’re going to a bar tonight, consider a wilder look!

Eye makeup is the focus of our entire makeup look, and no details can be ignored. When using very cold colors such as blue and mint green, you must choose a light beige or even pure white as the base! Unless you are a color expert, don’t choose the warm earth color/gray purple/flesh pink base that you usually use. The base color must be as pure as possible!

If you have swollen eye blisters, you are afraid that the white primer will appear swollen, you can use the nose shadow color to lightly cover it, but it must not have a sense of color! I control it within the double eyelid fold, and the color of this part should be more realistic to look good! If the color is not enough, the half blue not blue will look even more strange. But don’t overdo it with too much saturation. Of course, if you are going to Halloween, you can use it boldly.

A stronger presence of eyelashes can increase the rationality of the existence of blue-green eye shadow! The blush and lip makeup should be weakened as much as possible. I feel that the nude milk tea color is the least error-prone, and then you can try blue + purple/pink, green + orange-brown, which will be more comfortable.

In recent years, warm-colored eye shadows have dominated the mainstream. Many people, including me in the past, shivered when they saw blue and green eye shadows. You can only find out which colors suit you only if you try boldly.

Green and blue eyeshadow are so cleverly combined, it’s like a forest, a sea. The most important part of blue green eyeshadow looks is eye makeup, and a good eyeshadow combination can make your makeup look bright. As long as the eye is applied to ensure that the shades are layered, no matter how exaggerated the colors can be matched together, especially those of the same color.

The clear green and glamorous blue eye shadow can express the sensual charm of women. If you think blue-green eye shadow is not flashy and cool enough, applying blue-green liquid eyeliner on the original thick black eyeliner is a nirvana to make the eyes more “dazzling”. There are many brands of eyeliner in different colors on the market. If you are a bold girl, consider such a unique makeup look.