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Can you use brow pencil as eyeliner is a question that many makeup beginners will think about. After all, eyebrow pencils and eyeliners look very similar in that they both resemble pencils. So many girls would think that maybe an eyebrow pencil could serve as an alternative to an eyeliner.

In fact, you can do it, but we don’t recommend you try it, unless you can no longer find an eyeliner from your makeup bag.

Why don’t we recommend using a brow pencil as an eyeliner?
Comparing their materials, eyebrow pencils are harder than eyeliner. The skin around our eyes, especially the eyelids, is much more fragile than any other skin, and simply cannot withstand some hard tool strokes, often over-stretching the skin around the eyes, which will be obvious to find growing eye wrinkles. Therefore, it is best not to use eyebrow pencil instead of eyeliner.

In terms of powder quality, eyebrow pencil powder is different from eyeliner powder, the powder of eyebrow pencil is hard powder, easy to fall off and uneven coloring, resulting in hard lines. The eyeliner powder is designed for the eye area and generally contains oil-proof ingredients to prevent makeup from coming off, making it easy to apply color and smooth lines.

In terms of coloring, most eyebrow pencils can be found on the skin with the disadvantage of uneven coloring and stiff lines. This is magnified when compared to eyeliner. Most eyeliner pens are extremely easy to apply and smooth to draw, which is something that eyebrow pencils cannot replace.

Can you use brow pencil as eyeliner? But you can also use an eyebrow pencil instead of eyeliner in special emergency situations. It’s not as effective as eyeliner, but it can quickly save your look.

The brow pencil is used as an eyeliner, how to apply it?
First, sharpen your eyebrow pencil. A sharpened eyebrow pencil allows you to draw your eyeliner more carefully and is also easier to control. Gently lift your eyelid back so that it is more defined for applying eyeliner.

Next, starting about halfway down your eyelid, use the eyebrow pencil to draw a line across the bottom of your eyelid, above your lashes, and a line toward the outside of your eye, slightly beyond your eyelid. Follow the contour of your eyelid, keeping the line as straight as possible.

Finish by slightly smudging your eyeliner with a brush or finger to achieve a more natural and beautiful look.

When applying eyeliner with an eyebrow pencil, you must be more vigilant not to let the pencil poke you in the eye, that would be dangerous.

More eyeliner tutorials

Inner Eyeliner
Gently lift the upper eyelid with your finger or makeup brush and fill in the inner lash space with eyeliner. It is recommended to use an eyeliner gel pencil or eyeliner cream to draw the inner eyeliner. Inner eyeliner is the basic skill we need to learn to apply eyeliner.

Open-eye eyeliner
Use your fingers to poke the inner corner of the eye outward, which is conducive to accurate drawing to the corner of the eye. Just draw a thin eyeliner along the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the lower eyelid. This drawing method can close the distance between the eyes.

Droopy eyeliner
Draw an outer eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes first. From the position above the pupil, start to thicken it slightly and extend the end of the eye down a little, paying attention to controlling the length. The sagging drawing method will produce a rounder eye with an innocent feeling.

Elongated eyeliner
It is easier to lengthen the eyeliner and thicken the second half of the eyeliner, starting from the end of the eye and then drawing the head of the eye. Then draw from the eye to the head of the eye, gradually thinning it, and finally filling in the gaps and thickening it from the top of the pupil to the end of the eye. This will have the effect of enlarging the eyes and look very powerful.

Final words
We hope the above answers your question “Can you use brow pencil as eyeliner” and provides you with more ideas for your eye makeup. If you want to buy an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil, please continue to browse our website.