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Are you looking for a great red toned eyeshadow palette? Whether it’s a cute, critter-like girly feeling, a sexy, glamorous hot girl, or that winter warmth and tenderness like a burning stove, red toned eyeshadow is always a good fit.

Red toned eyeshadow palette is a trend, if you also want to know more about it, please continue down.

How to Apply Red Toned Eyeshadow Palette – Beginner’s Version

You can apply red eyeshadow in the middle of your lower eyelid and then smudge the edges with an eyeshadow brush or sponge, as if this red eyeshadow is spreading to the sides.

Or you can also smudge the red eye makeup on the lower eye, this is a drawing method that many bloggers or actresses like. It can show sexy and does not look puffy under the eyes.

In addition, if your upper eyelid belongs to the case of inner eyelid or single eyelid, we recommend that you use brown to do a wide range of smudging on the upper eyelid. Then use a red blush to do a light smudge on the lower eyelid for a light pink effect. Finally, use a heavier red eyeshadow to deepen the smudge on the lower eye.

Finish with eyeliner and lashes, this is a more daily look.

How to Apply Red Toned Eyeshadow Palette – Advanced version

Step 1: Use a lighter color on the eyes for priming, this step is to even out the skin tone of the eyes as well as to reduce swelling.

Step 2: Use a red eyeshadow to transition from the end of the eye to the middle of the eye, while using a brush to weaken the edge of the eyeshadow to make the eye makeup look more natural. Do not smudge higher than the brow bone.

Step 3: Use the same color to start at the bottom of the eye and smudge it little by little towards the middle.

Step 4: Use a darker color to deepen the end of the eye to make the eye look more three-dimensional. The bottom of the eye should also be deepened.

Step 5: Use the middle color to make a simple transition between the red eyeshadow and the shadow part.

Step 6: Use a fine shimmer color to highlight the eye area and gradually smudge it towards the head of the eye.

Step 7: In addition, the position of the eye head should also be well highlighted.

Step 8: When drawing eyeliner, in addition to outlining it well with an eyeliner pencil, you should also use a brush to smudge the edges of the eyeliner, which will make the eye makeup look deeper. After filling in the eyelashes as well as the eyebrows, it is a complete red eye makeup.

Although red toned eyeshadow palettes are very popular, they can have a swollen and bruised look or be very unnatural if not painted properly, so we need to learn how to use it carefully.

Red eyeshadow application misconceptions

1. Only rubbing a single color without a sense of gradation.

You can add one or two colors to brighten the relatively shallow ones or strengthen the deep ones relatively deep, it will be very three-dimensional and beautiful.

2. The color is not even enough.

Carefully smudge the eye border and create a sense of depth, it will reveal the beautiful color of the eye shadow.

3. The range is drawn too large.

The larger the eyeshadow range is drawn, the more difficult it will be to manage. You need false eyelashes eyeliner and so on to match. The safest way to draw is only at the end of the eye, low profile without losing the sense of sophistication and popularity.

4. Do not match with other makeup on the face.

Too much color on the face, it will lose focus. If the eye makeup has obvious color, blush should be lighter, lip gloss should also match the same color. Or choose and eye makeup can be shades of each other to balance the color.

Product Recommendations & Excellent Red Eyeshadow Palette

Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 01 Piggy

That long-ago summer farm where Charlotte’s web wove the dreamy friendship of a little spider and a piggy. Inspired by the cute piggy, this red eyeshadow has a delicate and pure color, pink, with a perfect mix of pearl and matte from the red collection, allowing you to effortlessly draw a charming and natural red collection look.

A small mirror and double-ended eyeshadow brush are included with the eyeshadow palette to give you maximum convenience.

Fantasist Eyeshadow Palette 07 Siheyuan

Inspired by the mysterious and distant Chinese courtyard – Siheyuan. Various Chinese traditional elements create such a unique red eyeshadow. The best winter warmth element with exotic and gentle style.