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What is your impression of black and brown eyeshadow? Cool? Fashionable? Mysterious? The combination of black and brown can make your eyes as deep and elusive as the night sky. You can create distinctive and stunning makeup looks when you go with these two colors.

So, what kind of imaginative look can we create using black and brown eyeshadow? In the following, we will recommend two chic and trendy eye makeup.

Smokey makeup: most eye-catching one in the crowd

When it comes to smoky makeup, I believe that most girls still have the impression that this makeup will make the eyes thick and dark. But in fact, a delicate smoky makeup look will enhance your own style through color according to the characteristics of your eyebrows and eyes, and make your eyes more stories.

So, how to do this black and brown eyeshadow makeup look?

Part 1: Eyeshadow

In the eye makeup part, in addition to lengthening the head and tail of the eye, you should also match with a richly colored eye shadow to make the eyes look deeper and more attractive.

Perfect Diary’s eyeshadow, have a very high pigmentation and fine powder quality, which can perfectly present the effect we want.

Use a light color as a primer for the eye area and apply it to the eye socket in a large area, which can brighten the gloss of the eyes, and the dark color behind will not look awkward and unnatural.

The highlight color is used to brighten the brow bone, the head of the eye, and the front third of the lower lash line. Use the highlight color to brighten to make the eyes more attractive.

Black draws a triangle at the end of the eye and blurs it inward to create an eye socket effect to make the eyes look deeper.

The brown color is used as a transition color, and the smudge is pressed to increase the layering.

Part 2: Eyelashes

Every girl wants to have a pair of charming eyelashes, a pair of thick and curled eyelashes, which can visually enlarge the eyes and make the eyes more attractive.
But even if my eyelashes are sparse and sagging, we don’t have to worry too much, mascara can give us what we want.

First, look down at the eyes, try to expose the roots of the eyelashes as much as possible, then fill the eyelash brush head into the roots of the eyelashes, hold for two to three seconds, and then pull to the tail of the eyelashes, repeat 2–3 times until satisfied, and Brush the lashes for thicker.

Compared with other makeup looks, there is no doubt that smoky makeup has become the most eye-catching one in the crowd.

Earth Color Makeup: Charming Brown Eyeshadow

The girls who have no resistance to makeup always buy endless eye shadows. No matter how many different colors you buy, the most commonly used is still brown. Brown eyeshadow is easy to coordinate with the skin color, daily, natural, fashionable, and can draw a sense of three-dimensional.

Whether it’s for work, or a date, wearing a brown eyeshadow is very appropriate. However, the following points should be noted:

1. The color of the eyeshadow should be consistent with the eyebrows and hair color. If the brown eyeshadow with pitch black hair and eyebrows, this is awkward and very abrupt.

2. Brown eyeshadow and any lip color can be matched, because the lip color is originally red, no need to be consistent with brown eyeshadow. Of course, you can also choose nude lipstick, with nude lipstick to give people a sense of nobility. You can also choose a bright big red and so on.

No matter black and brown eyeshadow, they each have their own characteristics and advantages. Black always gives a more individual and cooler look, while brown is gentler and daily. But these two colors can have a very unexpected and surprising effect when used together. You can pick your favorite makeup products on the website https://www.perfectdiary.com/ to complete your look and look for more inspiration!