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The rose gold eye shadow is a hit if you look closely at the makeup of Hollywood stars, you will find that it will appear in the many eye shadow choices this season. Here are different ways and tricks that will make it easier to control your rose gold look, so are you ready for the trendiest new look? Let’s have a look!

Rose gold and smoky eye makeup are a perfect match, both can give you a sexy feel, especially when paired with a messy hairstyle. You can blur the eyeliner to create a sexy atmosphere, but then you need to use a liquid eyeliner to draw an extra eyeliner on the smudged eyeliner to make the eyes more energetic. The trick is to do the smoky eyes.

For a glossy look, rose gold is also very suitable. A little bit of sheen is added to the rose gold eye makeup, especially at the corners of the eyes, so that it can add a layer to the monochromatic rose gold eye shadow. Every light and shadow cream can achieve this effect, but the most important thing is not to push the bottom layer of eye shadow when applying light and shadow, just pat it lightly. The gloss is so obvious.

How to apply a simple rose gold eye shadow look?

Rose gold alone can create an artistic and cool look with the ’80s feel to it. The main thing to note when using rose gold eyeshadow alone is to wet the brush first so that the eyeshadow will look more lustrous and will last longer. If you’re in a hurry, try using a single shade of eyeshadow for a more everyday look.

Apply golden brown eyeshadow to the inside of the double eyelid. Start by applying the rose gold eyeshadow above the crease of the double eyelid and on the lower eyelid. The principle of eye shadow is a game of light and shadow, which creates a three-dimensional effect by dark and light colors, so only one layer of eye shadow will appear abrupt.

Use the detailing brush to take some rose gold eye shadow to deepen the “V” at the end of the eye and smudge the upper eyelid slightly. It should be swept under the brow bone, on the eyelids, and eyelids with slightly different colors, and an eye shadow brush should be used. The three layers of eyeshadow blurred out, blurring the boundaries between each other and making them blend.

Use an eyeliner or eyeliner to draw a black, slightly elongated eyeliner. Apply mascara later, if your eyelashes are short, you can apply false eyelashes and then apply mascara.

Curl the eyelash curler before drawing the eyeliner, it will be easier to draw the inner eyeliner. Because the eyeliner is drawn first and then the eyelash curler is used, it is easy to rub the eyeliner. Use brown eyeliner to darken the lower eyelid and the corners of the eyes to deepen the eye contour. Many girls don’t like to draw the head and tail of the eyes. This will make them look bigger and more energetic.

The way to upgrade the look is to apply a rose-colored blush from the position of the cheek to the temples to increase the pink and good complexion. You can apply different blushes based on your face shape.

When choosing eye shadow, you can choose a pearly and delicate texture. This will make the makeup look better. Rose gold is a golden pinkish color, so it is especially suitable for creating a gentle style. Whether it’s a girl or a mature woman, you can embellish yourself with rose gold makeup.

Whether it is the design or the product itself, rose gold is a magical color that will never get tired of wearing. The rose gold eye shadow will give your eyes power. The pink eye makeup is full of temptation and at the same time strengthens the luck of the peach blossoms, and it will also sparkle in the process of opening and blinking.

On closer inspection, rose gold has a variety of colors. Compared to eye makeup, there are not many rose gold lipsticks. But as long as it is painted, it is psychedelic, super technical beauty.