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Have you ever tried dark red lip liner? Lip liner is a kind of makeup product that many girls are very familiar with, and at the same time, we all know that lip liner has many different colors like lipstick, so we need to know what color lip liner generally chooses?

Lip liner makes your lips more defined and more delicate. The rich, creamy composition is packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, and jojoba oil to nourish and protect lips while preventing spillage.

The lip liner should be coordinated with the lip color. You can’t go wrong with choosing a lip liner based on the lipstick color first. If you have fair skin, you can choose a red color. The color of the aunt color looks more stable. If you usually use dark lipstick for makeup, you can choose a lip liner that is close to the color of the lipstick. A slightly lighter color is better. That way it won’t be abrupt.

If you usually like to use lighter shades of lipstick and use a lip liner to flatter your lips, you can choose a lip liner that is close to the color of your lips. A dark red lip liner is a good choice. Choose according to skin tone. When choosing a lip liner, it should be selected according to individual skin and overall outfit, so as not to cause unnatural phenomena.

When choosing, try it on the back of your hand to see if the painting is smooth, and does not break in the middle. In terms of color choices, dark brown and bright red are both unflattering colors and should be avoided as much as possible.

Can the dark red lip liner be used as lipstick?

Sometimes you may want to use the lip liner as lipstick. This depends on the actual situation. In different situations, lip liner can indeed help us. Lip liner has another nickname, which is called lip tint. A lip tint is a little bit different than a lip liner. Then there is the lip tint, which can be used in a large area. When the lip liner is used in a large area, it may take more time.

Lip dye can quickly dye the color of the lips into the color you want, and the lip dye is more durable, and it is not as easy to fall off as lipstick, so it is not so easy to get makeup. You can choose a lip tint. He is relatively easy to use and can replace the lip liner when outlining the lip line to achieve the effect of combining the two into one.

If you need to outline a better lip line, you will be advised to use the rendering ratio, because the lip liner is like a fine pen in a brush, which can help us accurately outline the lines. When filling, you can choose other products, such as lipstick, lip gloss, lip glaze, etc.

The lip liner has two main functions: the first is to outline the lip contour and create a perfect lip shape. The second is to effectively prevent the lip color from blurring out. Ideal lip makeup is: the contour is clear, the lip peak is slightly raised, the lip knot is visible, and the lip corner is slightly raised.

Therefore, if your lip shape is not so perfect, then you need to use a lip liner to adjust it so that the lip shape meets the basic requirements. But now many people don’t use a lip liner for makeup very much, because they feel it is very tasteless, and lipstick is rarely smudged. There are many makeup techniques, and it is not difficult to draw a perfect lip shape, so a dark red lip liner is needed to outline the lips.

The creation of the lip shape is also the foundation of the entire lip makeup. Therefore, when drawing the lip shape, you should pay special attention to matching it with your face shape and makeup. When drawing the lip line, pay attention to the even force, don’t waste the lip liner because of too much force. The second half of the year is almost here, come and buy yourself a new lip liner!