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The yellow and orange eyeshadow makeup is suitable to wear in summer. Yellow and orange are light and energetic colors, reminding people of sunshine, flowers, and beaches. If you want to wear a summertime eyeshadow, the yellow-orange eye makeup will be a top choice undoubtfully. Today, we will guide you to wear this stunning eyeshadow makeup.

Before starting everything, prepare the tools. You need to prepare a set of eyeshadow palettes containing the colors we need. When it comes to the orange-styled eyeshadow makeup, I will always recommend the Explorer Eyeshadow Palette from Perfect Diary in the first place.

The palette contains 12 shades. You can use it to apply festive makeup and daily gong-out makeup. It is easy to carry with and to use for beginners. You can visit our official website to see the effects of wearing the stunning eyeshadow closely and the details of wearing every shade. Wearing makeup makes you look delicate and different.

When you get the tools prepared, you can start. However, do not forget to apply the foundation makeup before wearing the eyeshadow. The eyeshadow can only be highlighted when it matches other facial makeup.

Step 1

You can choose the lighter-color liquid foundation to better highlight the eye makeup. The first step, as it is always, is to prime your eyelid with a brush. If you do not have an eye primer, you can also so the liquid foundation or concealer as a replacement with the purpose of blending the color of your eyelid with your skin so that the general makeup can look more natural.

If you are also fretted about choosing the right foundation, you can also visit our store. We provide liquid and cushion foundations. Personally speaking, I preferred using cushion foundation when I started learning to wear makeup because it was easier to handle and save more time.

Step 2

Apply the light-yellow eyeshadow to the contour of your eyelid and the crease because the eyeshadow foundation can make the makeup look more natural. Or you can use the light-golden color to make the base more glittering. Then, apply orange eyeshadow to the crease of your eyelid to create the natural transition with an eyeshadow brush between yellow and gold which will be applied later.

Step 3

Apply the purple or crimson eyeshadow to the crease and the inner and outer area of your eyelid. Draw the wing near the end of your eyes. Use a blending brush to blend the eyeshadow and do not forget the lower eyelid. Repeat the above steps. Basically, the eyeshadow makeup is done.

Step 4

You can use the eyelash curler, eyeliner, and mascara to refine the makeup. Curl your eyelashes for seconds and apply the mascara to enrich the eyelashes and eyeliner to further beautify your eye makeup.

The Cream Smooth Longwear Gel eyeliner is easier to use than the liquid one for rookies. As for mascara, the Wide-angle Overcurl Lengthening mascara and the High Definition Long-lasting mascara in our store are both wonderful options. Plus, wearing a pair of colored contact lenses can further decorate the makeup.

After finishing the yellow and orange eyeshadow makeup, wear the light-color lipstick to present your eyes and apply peach-pink blush. When it comes to this step, perfect summer makeup is done. You can wear it to hang out with friends and take photos.

Of course, after wearing the makeup all day long, remember to remove it and clean your face thoroughly when you come back home. The better the skin condition is, the better the makeup will look. On the contrary, if you have pimples or acne, wearing makeup may make your skin worse, leading to a vicious circle. Therefore, cleaning on time correctly is of great significance.

If you have sensitive skin, you should choose gentle makeup removers and quality products. Care for your skin regularly and take a look at the ingredients of cosmetics when you are purchasing them.

In a nutshell

We have shared some tips on how to wear yellow and orange eyeshadow makeup and recommend some terrific products to you. Also, we highly suggest you care for your skin every day to keep it in a good condition and get it ready for the next makeup.