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You may like to use a blush and bronzer palette. Since the summer is coming, a natural skin tone like sunbathing has gradually become the hit of the fashion trend, which can be seen on the T stage and in magazines. Many girls are fond of such fashion makeup, the sun-kissed skin makes them look sexy and charming.

In the choice of the foundation color, people with darker skin or wheat color can directly choose the same foundation as their skin color. For fair-skinned girls, choose a foundation that is 1-2 shades darker than your own. This also applies the same when you are choosing bronzer.

Traditional eye makeup will place the darker color at the end of the eye to make the eye line more prominent. However, in bronzer makeup, you can use bright golden eye shadow to strengthen the sun-kissed effect. Together with the blush and bronzer palette will give you the best performance of the sun-kissed effect.

First, sweep away from the bridge of the nose to the head of the eye, and then swipe with golden brown eye shadow at the end of the eye, which can enhance the three-dimensional effect of the eyes and able to highlight the look of the eyes.

For people with dark skin, it is recommended to use light pink gold eye shadow, while people with fair complexion can choose sand gold or golden brown to make the eye sockets darker.

You can use a large brush swept across the bridge of the nose, creating a pinkish patch on the cheeks, reminiscent of sunburn marks from overdone sunbathing. The eye-catching red makeup on the face, the thin lips that reveal the true color, and the thick eyebrows of the same color are three-dimensional. This kind of makeup is very suitable for people who like exaggerated and stand-out styles.

“Sunburn makeup” is a tanned makeup style that fits most of the girls in summer. Imagine the blush on a person’s face after being sunburned in the sun. This makeup style deliberately creates a “sunburned” or “sun-kissed” skin look through makeup. The main feature is to highlight the “sunburned” effect of the cheeks, while eye makeup, eyebrow makeup, and lip makeup are very light.

Many cosmetics brands are now selling some blush and bronzer palette in a set for you to easily create such a hit makeup style. The bronzer can paint the look of a healthy tanned wheat complexion in a warm reddish-brown with a golden sheen. From the sides of the cheekbones to the blush position, the temples and above the forehead, the center of the bridge of the nose, and the chin.

Because contouring is to reshape and strengthen the contour of the face, the position needs to be very precise. After the contour is primed, bronzer can be added to draw the feeling of a healthy wheat complexion, and the order of lace and blush. So when you are using contouring together with a bronzer, be sure you apply contour first.

There are a lot of bronzer powder monochromatic products on the market, but I prefer this multi-purpose palette of blush, bronzer, and brightening. Usually, the color is already matched, so if you want to paint a wheat-ish summer directly For daily makeup, just use one plate. The coral color is a warm color blush with orange tones, brightening the complexion will also give people warm summer makeup, and it looks better with bronze makeup.

If you want to have sun-kissed skin tone makeup in summer, you can trust a blush and bronzer palette! When you are shopping for such a bronzer, remember to choose the one that blends well and stays on! You can shop for a bronzing powder that provides a natural-looking matte finish with long-lasting coverage.

The color of the bronzer must work well on you, for those who have fair skin may feel that darker bronzers make their skin look dirty. That’s why you have to try it before buying it. Pick the one that really blends beautifully onto your skin.

The formulated bronzer can bring a tropical goddess glow to your face. Choose your color correctly then you can watch your face gently transform to a naturally tanned skin ton. Who doesn’t want a sun-kissed skin tone like you?