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What is the best lash glue? Many girls like to wear eye makeup, and delicate eye makeup is indispensable for the finishing touch with curled eyelashes. If you like curled lashes, you will wear false lashes. So which eyelash glue do you use? Are you using it correctly, do you find the glue uncomfortable for your eyes?

The eyes are the window to the soul and the most vulnerable part of the body. Even eye creams should be paid attention to, not to mention false eyelashes. So which eyelash glue is best to use? What brand of eyelash glue is easy to use?

Eyelashes glue is a kind of glue used when sticking false eyelashes and double eyelids. It has two colors: black and white. The black effect is lasting, and the white is mainly used for sticking disposable eyelashes. Its advantage is that it is very convenient to use, it can make artificial eyelashes and real eyelashes stick together naturally and without a trace, and it is easier to remove, so it is more commonly used in makeup.

Eyelash glue is a must for false eyelashes, because the glue is relatively strong and it is next to the root of the eyelashes, so if we do not buy the right product, it is easy to cause damage to our eyelashes.

What is the best lash glue? From the name, it is a glue specially used for sticking false eyelashes, but in fact, it is also used for sticking double eyelids. For example, if the eyelashes are not long or delicate when applying makeup, you need to use false eyelashes for grafting. Use this glue. Unlike ordinary glue, it needs to be non-marking and easy to use.

The Eyelash glue is mainly divided into two categories: “low-irritant type” which reduces irritation and “quick-drying type” which emphasizes hardening speed. Although lower viscosity hardens faster, odor and irritation are more intense.

Therefore, for sensitive customers, “low irritation” glue should be used. “Quick-drying” glues require faster grafting speeds. If the speed is too slow, it will cause the grafted eyelashes to fall off easily.

What is the best lash glue and how to use it?

Buying glue to wear false eyelashes can be a difficult decision because it is very important to check the quality of the glue. The glue is still very close to the eyes, and the cheap glues available on the market can damage the eyes and the skin around the eyes. We have listed some factors that you need to consider when buying eyelash glue to get the right product.

Choose between a black formula and a clear formula depending on your look. Some glues also look rich in the bottle, but dry and clear. The formula should be neither too thick nor too runny, it should dry quickly.

Choose a formula that suits your skin type. Make sure the formula is also easy to remove without pulling on the skin. For example, you can choose eyelash glue made of natural oak latex, which is super sticky and easy to remove. No makeup remover is needed, just remove it by hand in 5 seconds, no residue left, no acidity.

You can also choose some that are waterproof and have antifungal formulas. The formula of the glue contains natural extracts to nourish natural lashes and apply false lashes with ease.

What is the best lash glue to choose? Another important factor to consider when buying eyelash glue is to check the staying power. People who wear false eyelashes tend to wear them for at least 8-10 hours or even weeks. Try the glue for a few hours initially to see if it suits your eyes and skin before using it.

Another thing you should pay attention to is choosing natural glues that are free of residues. After all, this is an eye product, so you must pay attention to health and hygiene. Pay attention to eye makeup safety.

The usage of lash glue is very easy. Apply a small amount of glue to the connection of the false eyelashes, and then apply a little glue to the real eyelashes on your own eyes. When it is about to dry, clip the false eyelashes and press them on the real eyelashes for about ten seconds. Time for the real and fake lashes to stick together.