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  5. Build perfect lips with a lipstick and liner set?

A lipstick and liner set can change the way you look. For women, lips can reflect femininity-like eyes and reveal the soul of their personality. Although many women in life use lipstick to beautify their lips to make themselves look good. The complexion is better, most people will feel that there is always a little inadequacy after painting.

As far as women are concerned, the most ideal lip shape is a clear outline, a raised lip peak, obvious lip nodules, the lower lip is slightly thicker than the upper lip, the corners of the lips are slightly raised, and the lips are rounded. But in real life, there are very few women born with such a shape.

Although congenital conditions are limited, we can modify and adjust them through acquired makeup. Let’s take a look at how to use concealer, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, and other lip makeup products to modify and adjust the lip shape, making the lips more delicate, more hydrated, and more perfect.

If you want to make thin lips three-dimensional and plump, it is actually not difficult. Just follow the steps below to create a beautiful lip shape with a lipstick and liner set.

First, use a pink-brown lip liner close to the lip color to draw a lip line that is slightly wider than the original lip contour. You can start from the peak of the upper lip and draw a graceful “M” curve toward the corner of the mouth, but it is not necessary to draw a lip line.

To the corner of the mouth, after drawing the upper lip line, also start from the center of the lower lip to the corner of the mouth, but the lip line of the lower lip should be drawn to the corner of the mouth, and then use lipstick to evenly fill all the positions within the lip line, remember to choose a lipstick with strong coverage can cover up the original lip line.

You can consider the Perfect Diary’s iconic lip gloss, the texture is creamy and moist. Apply a hydrating, refreshing Floating Light Lip Gloss in the center of the lips to make the lips appear intellectual and full. You can create stylish lips look with non-sticky effect.

How to change your upper lips with a lipstick and liner set?

Thick lips themselves are a sign of sexiness, but it does not mean that people with thick lips can apply lip gloss or lipstick at will, and they can be full of sexy. A little dull, in order to transform into an elegant temperament beauty, how to draw thick lips to look sexy and elegant?

Girls with plump lips should avoid using bright color lip gloss because applying such a lip gloss will make the lips brighter and refract the light, so as to highlight the area of the lips. The use of matte lipstick can avoid the above problems and make the lips more textured and sexy.

Those with a thick upper lip can adjust the thickness of the upper lip with a concealer, first, apply the concealer on the fingertips, then apply it thinly on the upper lip to cover the original outline, and then use a lip slightly darker than the lip color.

Draw a lip line that is slightly larger than the original upper lip outline, and then use the same color lip liner to outline the outline of the lower lip. Of course, you can also add a lower lip line appropriately to draw beyond the original lower lip outline. After setting the makeup, take a lipstick with strong coverage and apply it evenly to all parts of the lip glands.

If the contour of your lips is more obvious, it is best not to draw the lip line, which will strengthen the size of your lips. Dip an appropriate amount of lipstick with a lip brush, and apply it from the inside of the lips to the outside several times to make our lip color appear. For the visual effect of deep and shallow edges in the middle, finally use a small powder brush to dip a little light powder lighter than the lipstick color, and gently apply it to the middle of the lips. Done!