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How to make lip plumping lip gloss is a timeless topic for those sexy girls who are keen on plump lips. Sexy full red lips are very seductive, but the perfect lips in addition to full, the shape is also very important, lips too thin, too small, too thick, too large, lip corner sagging are not good lip shape. But we can use an excellent lip gloss to improve these situations to get charming plump lips.

Do you want to know how to use makeup to create a plump lip? Then scroll down and we will introduce the makeup method to create plump lips.

How to make lip plumping lip gloss?

Apply lip balm to your lips 10 minutes before makeup, moisten your lips, and then dip a tissue into the lip balm to remove the oil.

Then you can use a lip liner to outline your mouth. The truth is that thin lips are just not good enough for lip lines, causing our lips to look flat. But if you use a lip liner, it can be a completely different story. It can help us outline the right contours so that we don’t smear out when we apply lipstick, and it can also make the lipstick more three-dimensional and shapelier.

When choosing a lip liner, be sure to choose a color that is close to your own lips so that it looks more natural. When painting your lips, deliberately draw your lips fuller so that you can achieve the effect of thick lips, and it’s natural!

Next you can fill in the color, usually a seductive red can make your plump lips more attractive. Perfect Diary’s Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick creates the perfect red lip with a matte velvety texture for the ultimate experience. If you feel that it is not delicate enough, you can use a small brush to stain it, which can better finish your lips.

The thickness and size of your lips are the key to choosing a lipstick, and there is more than one lipstick that suits you, so do well to try more styles that suit you. After applying the lipstick, use a lip liner to slightly outline the middle to make it fuller, and then you can use a glossy oil to apply to the middle to make it more voluminous.

Finish by layering on a lip gloss, preferably one with that hydrating texture, for example the Floating Light Lip Gloss from Perfect diary, that’s the key how to make lip plumping lip gloss.

Is there any other way to get plump lips besides makeup?

Hyaluronic acid lip plumping

Hyaluronic acid lip plumping has the advantages of short time, realistic effect, minimally painful and non-invasive, and safe process, but also has the disadvantages of short maintenance time, shaping effect deteriorates with time, and requires regular maintenance.

Hyaluronic acid injections on the lips will be absorbed faster compared to other parts of the body. The effective maintenance time is generally about 3-12 months depending on the brand of hyaluronic acid. The safety aspect is very safe as long as the regularity of the drug and the professionalism of the injecting doctor are met.

Lip Surgery

If you want permanent and natural-looking lips, you can improve them through lip surgery. You can start with lip surgery to recreate the shape of your lips to achieve the effect of lip augmentation and make your lips sexier and more attractive. It has the advantages of permanent natural shaping, no rejection and stable effect than hyaluronic acid lip plumping.

However, the surgery will be riskier and more expensive, and there will be some after-effects of the surgery as the age increases. We still do not recommend going for surgery if it can be solved by makeup techniques.


Plump, thick lips are a fashion trend, and many actresses and internet celebrities have sexy and attractive plump red lips. We can also make our lips fuller through makeup techniques. But what is more important to become sexy and charming is your confidence and smile, so no matter what, we have to blossom a bright smile, which is the key for you to be full of attractiveness.