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A mini matte eyeshadow palette fits every girl. Everyone who makes up knows that in general, an eye shadow palette will include matte eye shadow and pearl eye shadow. Matte eye shadow is often used for primer and smudge, while pearl eye shadow is used to brighten and make the eyes look more god. So specifically, what is the difference between pearlescent eyeshadow and matte eyeshadow?

Pearlescent eye shadow is a common type of eye shadow, with various colors, including powder, stick, cream, lotion, and pencil. Add silver or pearl color, brighter than ordinary eye shadow, and let the eyes sparkle with a beautiful pearl luster. More fashionable than normal eyeshadow.

As the finishing touch in eye makeup, it will be highly saturated when applied to the eyes, making the eyes look bumpy. Glitter can also play a role in modifying the eye shape. According to the face shape and skin tone, choosing the right pearl eye shadow will greatly enhance the entire makeup effect.

First of all, it should be emphasized that the current eye shadow is not limited to matte and pearlescent, there are many texture classifications, such as velvet, segment surface, and leather texture, these are all non-pearlescent, but slightly shiny and textured. The texture looks more classy than pure matte.

Matte eye shadow refers to eye shadow without glitter, with low matte gloss, no sequins, dark color, more natural, and can be used for smoky makeup. Suitable for everyday makeup. This is a common eye shadow, known as a versatile eye shadow, and an essential eye makeup.

Looking for your mini matte eyeshadow palette?

Master Origin Eyeshadow Palette is a new eyeshadow that comes in six shades, shimmer, and matte. The color matching of dry roses is very gentle, which can also be understood as bean paste color. The small brush that comes with it is also easy to use. It is very good for smearing. The matte and pearlescent ones are very colorful and durable.

Master Origin Eyeshadow Palette is more practical and easier to carry. The powder quality of this plate is simply unexpected, especially the matte one, which is also very delicate and definitely worth it!

When applying eye makeup, you can use matte eye shadow with pearl eye shadow, matte eye shadow base deepens the eyes, and pearl eye shadow brightens the eyes. The actual color is even more beautiful than I imagined, and it is not the same as ordinary pink, with a touch of golden pearl, and the color rendering effect is moderate, which is very suitable for creating particularly feminine makeup.

The pearl of this eye shadow is a fine-shine texture, containing many small pearl particles of many colors, and the eyes are as cute as a fairy. Among my so many eyeshadow palettes, this one is at the top. Basically, when I don’t know which one to choose, this one must be the one that comes to my mind! The silty is very soft and waxy, and it fits well with the skin behind the eyes, and it is not easy to take off makeup!

Perfect Diary’s eye shadows, highlight blushes, etc. are very cost-effective, and the color rendering is also very good. The color matching of Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Jude Rabbit is very jumpy, very lively, and very colorful. I don’t think it is a special day, and it is more suitable for holiday makeup. If you want to use it every day, you can start with a little lighter, and then a little lighter, the powder is also very delicate.

The two eyeshadow palettes above have high chromatic and saturation, which can modify the eye contour to create charming eye makeup, which lasts for a long time and is not easy to take off. Each one is as desirable as a work of art, and the high-profile and dreamy colors must be gorgeous on makeup.

Matte eyeshadows are harder to smudge than other textures. So, if you want to use matte eyeshadow, it’s better to set aside some budget and buy a small eyeshadow brush instead of relying on a sponge or your fingers – this lazy method may be fine for other eyeshadow textures, but for matte eye shadows, it will easily go uneven and become lumps.

The good thing is, that our mini matte eyeshadow palette includes a small brush for you to use. You can also pair your eyeshadow with them.