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Want to do a comparison between lipstick vs liquid lipstick? Lipstick is an indispensable bright spot on the dressing table of everybody. In the past, the lipsticks that women applied were all solid, but now we have more options. Are there any differences? Does liquid lipstick easy to use, and how to apply the lipstick liquid?

Liquid lipsticks are indeed better than solid lipsticks to a certain extent because some low-priced solid lipsticks can dry out the lips, moisturize well, and are expensive, and it is difficult to have both more difficult things.

And liquid lipstick just solves the drawbacks of this aspect, not only the effect of applying is more saturated, but it looks soft, moist, and crystal clear, and the moisturizing of the lips is also more than that of lipstick.

The application differences between lipstick vs liquid lipstick

Liquid lipsticks are also user-friendly for unskilled people. Because the brush head of liquid lipsticks is particularly curved, and it is small and delicate, it will be easy to color. With a small brush, you can even draw lip lines, and the texture of liquid lipsticks will also be better than that of liquid lipsticks.

Because of the oil in the liquid, it has a very good covering effect on lip lines. It can be said that it perfectly solves all the drawbacks of paste lipsticks.

People who have the habit of applying lip balm before applying liquid lipstick can still use lip balm as a primer. People who do not have this habit can apply it directly. When applying liquid lipstick, you should apply the lower lip first, and do not apply the lip first.

The line should be applied from the inside to the outside. Stop near the lip line and apply the lip. The method of applying the lip is the same as when applying the lower lip. After the upper and lower lips are applied, sip the upper and lower lips, so that the color can be changed.

The biggest point of applying liquid lipstick is to be quick and accurate, because liquid lipstick tends to form a film, so it must be applied quickly, and it is best not to pur your lips after spitting, otherwise, it will be easy to apply unevenly.

It is best not to apply liquid lipstick together on the upper and lower lips. Choose one side and start applying it first, because it will be difficult to superimpose after film formation. Start with the lower lip here, and use the tip of the lip brush to control the smear range.

For the rest of the lips, you can first apply the head across a large area. If there is a lot of product on the head, it is recommended to wipe off a small amount of superposition to avoid too much product accumulation on the edge, which is not good-looking.

This step is very important for thin lips, when there is no product on the head of the lip brush. Use a pointed part to trace it out, and it seems that the lips will be thicker.

The formulation differences

The liquid lipstick is richer in color than lip glosses and lasts longer. It’s slightly brighter on the lips than lipsticks, and many people find it easier to apply with a soft stick or brush, rather than twisting it straight out of the tube.

Non-bleaching lipsticks are the most common type of liquid lipstick. This product is usually sold in a tube packaging with lip color on one end and a clear lip gloss on the other, or two tubes. After this lipstick is applied to the lips, it takes a few minutes to dry. It usually tints the lips slightly, which helps the color last all day.

On the other hand, a clear lip gloss can add some sheen to the lipstick. Lip gloss may need to be applied multiple times throughout the day, but lip color generally stays put throughout the day.

You can tell the differences between lipstick vs liquid lipstick from the above. The liquid lipstick can be said as a better, more evolved version of lipstick. We have both items that can meet your makeup needs. And our liquid lipstick can meet your moisturizing purpose also. The colors are vivid and natural, easy to use, and long-lasting.