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How to use a makeup sponge? For every beginner in makeup, it is necessary to understand and learn. Makeup sponges are indispensable and essential tools in completing a radiant makeup look.

What is a makeup sponge?

Makeup sponge is a common makeup tool, mainly used to apply cosmetics, its various shapes, soft texture, and extremely fast shape recovery, very easy to use, can make the makeup smoother and more natural.

How to use a makeup sponge and how to clean it?

1. Wet it

Makeup sponge is more recommended to use wet, because with a dry sponge can easily become very dirty, and will leave powder marks, but also make the makeup thicker. The method of soaking wet should also be noted, first put the sponge in water to soak until swollen, take out the water to squeeze out, then put it in water to continue to soak and then squeeze dry, repeat 2-3 times will allow the sponge to absorb enough water without being too wet.

2. Use it to apply makeup

Use the sponge dipped in cosmetics, and then gently patted on the face, pat when the strength to master, if the skin is more delicate words and did not use concealer, the power can be a little heavier, so that the base makeup will blend more natural. If you have used a concealer and have large pores, you should also pat it hard. If there are more flaws, you can choose to tap gently.

3. Wash it

It is best to clean the sponge in time after use, because it will be covered with cosmetics, wash it and then keep it can make it more hygienic, use the cleaning agent on the sponge, rub out the foam and then rinse with water, after that put it in the shade to dry, and then put it in a breathable place to store it well.

4. Cautions

Sponge must not be too wet, if it contains too much water, which will affect its use of the effect, and easy slip and eat too much powder when makeup. Repeatedly wrung out after absorbing water and then soaked and wrung out again, if the surface water is still a lot of paper can be used to absorb the moisture, to ensure that the inside is wet.

How to choose a suitable makeup sponge

Latex is the major material of makeup sponge products, generally speaking, it can be divided into three kinds: NR natural latex, SBR butadiene latex, NBR nitrile latex, although they are listed as latex, but these three materials are very different.

First of all, the quality of the NR natural latex makeup sponge is not that good, A one-time use may age and fall off the slag, which is easy to cause skin sensitivity, so in many countries natural latex makeup sponge belongs to disposable supplies, its price is relatively cheap.

The second is SBR butadiene latex, the elasticity of this material makeup sponge is better, good quality, and no residual slag problem, so do not need to be replaced often, its price is also more expensive, the only drawback is that water absorption is not very good.

The last is NBR nitrile latex, this material is the best touch of the makeup sponge, soft and flexible, the best water absorption, and the price is also more moderate, but with a period of time must be replaced.

So, what is the best way to pick a makeup sponge with excellent material?

Will it be oversized after wetting it

If a makeup sponge is not made of good material, it will be hard and will not expand to a large size even after wetting it all with water. This kind of makeup sponge on the makeup will not be so smooth, and easier to take off the makeup. The good makeup sponge will generally expand about twice after absorbing water, and become particularly soft. The feeling is very comfortable when applying makeup, and the makeup is smooth and delicate.

The surface of the air holes

Good makeup sponge has tight and even pores, even if full of water, squeezed out is very even, and bad makeup sponge surface pores are very uneven, full of water from some larger pores out. Uneven pore distribution will lead to bad ventilation of the makeup sponge, which will be easy to mold, and the stomata are too large, but also relatively eat powder.


A good makeup sponge is generally the same material no matter which side, the same smooth, does not look very rough, and bad makeup sponge may be a round face is smoother, cutting surface will be coarser, because the workmanship is not good.


Knowing more about how to use a makeup sponge matters a lot for us to complete a perfect makeup look. We hope the above will help you with your understanding about makeup sponges.