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Everybody is a search to find the best eyeshadow color palettes in the market right now, but have you ever wondered, even if you get it, how to use it properly and get the best results? This blog post will lay down all the basics, tips and tricks, and a checklist for your next purchase.

Eyeshadows: The magical powders add color profile and definition to your eyelids, making them more attractive and noticeable. Choosing the right shade, correct applicator, and technique makes a significant impact on the final look one is targeting, but before all that, an eyeshadow palette offering ample shades and quality formulae is the very basic step to start with. This is why many people are searching on the internet for the famous question of ” best eyeshadow color palettes.”

These palettes come in different finishes and color combinations, like matte palettes, neutral, colorful, and more. Let’s lay down the essential criteria for your selection of color palettes.

Checklist for Eyeshadow Palettes:

1. Palettes that feature sparkly shadows with a hint of shimmer can give you a new set of looks. We recommend getting a palette with such a feature.

2. The eyeshadow shades of the palette should be easily blendable. Although this feature varies from color to color, it is always nice to have a palette that can be easily applied.

3. The palette should offer you a little bit of all the color ranges you may use rather than being concentrated on one side of the color spectrum and textures.

4. No matter if it is a naked, nude eye or any other form of the palette, always look for formulas that give buttery soft neutrals and are highly pigmented.

5. Last but not avoidable, the packaging should always be slim and luxe as possible. This always gives you good vibes when pulling into a gathering or in front of friends. And small factor will make it more portable to be in your daily-use bag.

The Science of Palette Colors:

If you are new to eyeshadow palettes, this is your explanation. They come in three different kinds: light, medium and dark shades of combinations.

1. The light colors go on small areas of your face, just like a highlighter will do for your face. They reflect light (again, like a highlighter) and give you a brighter look with added depth.

2. The medium colors are used to build any makeup look and can be built depending on how dramatic you are feeling for your makeup look.

3. The darkest colors in the palette box are used as color colors, just like a bronzer. They are commonly used to outline your face V and other areas to give a bold and strong statement in the makeup.

Application Steps:

1. Always start with a primer. By now, you might have known that this is a step we can’t ever forget. Why? Because they are going to make a smooth canvas for later cosmetic applications.

2. Start with a neutral shade from your palette to build a nice and solid base. It should be a little darker than your natural skin tone. You can increase the darkness depending on your liking. (but dont it too much).

3. By using a fluffy brush, define your crease with a darker shade along the crease of your lid.

4. Use a blending brush to smooth out the area and add a highlighter of the lightest color under your brow bones and also at the inner corner of your eyes. Here you are.

Editor’s Recommendation: While you are searching for the best eyeshadow color palettes, you will quickly realize that online and offline catalogs of brands offer tons of variety in eyeshadow palettes but choosing the right ones can be highly overwhelming due to the over saturation of the entire industry. This is where we want to help you guys; try our Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette recommendation from Perfect Diary. Crafted from its stary shades, the palette is in an intelligent and eye-catching container and comes with nine shades of all the colors you may need. High pigmentation and long wearing time is the signature feature of this palette. If you want more shades, then we recommend going for Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 01 Piggy release with its fourteen different eyeshadows giving you more freedom to choose from.