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What is eyeshadow primer?
Eyeshadow primer is a primer for the skin around the eyes. Its main function is to prolong the longevity of your eye makeup, improve the fusion degree of subsequent cosmetics, and make the eyeshadow more pigmented. It is generally used after applying your base makeup. You only need to apply a thin layer evenly on the upper eyelid and lower eyelid. Don’t apply too much.

What is the role of eyeshadow primer?
Eye makeup is very important. In order to create a beautiful eyeshadow, sometimes the primer plays a significant role.
1. Cover the imperfections and even the color of eye skin. The primer is actually a bit similar to the foundation, but if you apply foundation on your eyelids, it will increase the burden for you to apply eyeshadow. While the primer has a lighter and more delicate texture, it is more suitable for the eyelid than the foundation.
2. Make the eyeshadow more pigmented. After you apply the eyeshadow primer, your eyeshadow that you then apply will be more pigmented. Thus if you want to wear some shades that are less pigmented, you can apply a layer of primer on your eyelids.
3. Protect your eye skin against chemicals. We all know that there are chemicals in cosmetics, so the eyeshadow primer can prevent cosmetics from directly contacting your skin and build a protective covering over your eyelids.
Control oil and prevent your eye makeup from smudging. It can effectively control the oil of the eye area, making your eyelids keep dry so that your eyeshadow will be more natural and more durable. And your eyeliner will be not so easy to be smudged.

How to apply eyeshadow primer?
It is very easy and convenient to apply it. You can finish it in just two steps.
1. Squeeze an appropriate amount of eyeshadow primer on your fingers. Do not squeeze too much. It is enough to squeeze out a rice-sized amount.
2. Apply the primer to your eyelids and then use the finger pulp to push it evenly around your eye area.

In order to control the oily eye area, eyeshadow primers are generally dry in texture. If you don’t moisturize your skin well, your skin may be relatively dry at the beginning. But as the eyelids start to be oily, the primer will become more and more suitable for your skin.

Cosmetics dedicated to the eyes are relatively light, so the burden on the eye skin is not heavy. Still, you should focus on the amount that you are going to apply, because too much primer will make you uncomfortable.

Is eyeshadow primer necessary?
If you wear light makeup and you don’t need outstanding eyeshadow, you can skip it. While for the oily skin, it is necessary for it can protect the eye makeup against smudging.

Generally, your makeup can move off easily for the limited adhesion of eyeshadows on your eyelids. Or sometimes the shades are not pigmented when you want to create a shining and eye-catching eye makeup look. When you encounter these situations, it means that you need eyeshadow primer to help you. If you use a suitable eye primer before makeup, it will not only make your eyeshadow more colorful but also make your look last longer. It is recommended to prepare one for summer makeup.

Eye makeup is an important part of the whole makeup. To pair with an eyeshadow primer, here I recommend the Explorer Eyeshadow Palette from Perfect Diary to you. This palette features 12 dreamy colors inspired by the animal with a double-headed brush and a mirror attached inside. It is really attractive!

What is eyeshadow primer? What can it do for your eye makeup? How to use it? After reading this article, I think you may understand. You can click our official website to gain more useful information and look for cosmetics you like.