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Honey brown eyes makeup is so fashionable and so eye-catching in Hollywood! Eye makeup is the biggest highlight of the entire makeup look. Beautiful eyes are the source of electricity. It is not difficult to make your eyes full of charm. You only need to master a series of eye makeup skills to make your charming eyes more sparkling!

The honey color, like being kissed by the sun, is elegant and charming. Look at these beauties as white as snow scrambling to coat themselves with a honey color, and you will know how hot this skin tone is this summer. The honey complexion is the tabooest for eye makeup with heavy colors. You can shift the focus to the lips and match it with BlingBling’s pearlescent lip gloss. It doesn’t matter if the pearlescent particles are larger.

For example, in what honey brown eye makeup we tried today, the long and encrypted eyelashes at the end of the eye are charming and not tacky. The end of the eye is lightly swept with a layer of dark gray eyeshadow, and the corners of the eyebrows are full of sexy. Although black eyeliner has the best color saturation, it is necessary to use a soft black eyeliner to smudge a circle near the inner eyeliner, so that the transition is natural enough.

The simplest honey brown eyes makeup
The first step in creating honey brown eyes makeup is to find the right color! If you don’t have a single-color eyeshadow of honey, you can also mix warm brown and golden brown on your eyes, or use cool brown and orange eyeshadow. At the same time, pay attention to the scope when smearing, and focus on the position of the outer eye sockets.

Apply a primer to the eye area first. The foundation of eye makeup will make eyeshadow and eyeliner and other cosmetics better absorbed, and it is not easy to remove makeup! Then, use light white eyeshadow for the entire eye makeup, and apply it evenly on the upper eyelid.

Use light brown eyeshadow on the two-thirds of the end of the upper eyelid, evenly colored, and the tail can be more emphasized. After application, use your fingers to lightly press to apply the light brown eyeshadow for a more even and natural look. Then, use the orange eyeshadow to smudge the color on the eye, and then use the finger to dab evenly with the eyeshadow stick, and then smudge to the eye naturally.

Then use dark brown eyeshadow to color the end of the eye, until the end of the lower eye socket, extending to half of the lower eye socket, making the eye makeup shinier. Finally, use the white eyeshadow with glitter to add color to the eyes, and the overall eye makeup will be more charming and divine!

When drawing a thick black upper eyeliner, the lower eyeliner must also keep up, otherwise, it will be top-heavy. The most natural way to draw the lower lash line is to close your eyes and wait for a few seconds after using the eyeliner pen to draw the upper lash line, and then open your eyes and you will have a lower lash line with natural color and just the right width.

Especially warm eye makeup can help enhance the complexion, bring a sense of vitality and girlishness, and also reduce age! Honey eye makeup refers to the use of eye makeup products such as honey color, including eyeshadow and eyeliner, to create warm eye makeup. At the same time, the warm-toned honey color can also avoid the problem of swollen eyes, while creating a natural shadow for the eyes and enhancing their depth of the eyes. Girls who are worried that eye makeup will make them look too fierce can also rest assured.

Another advantage of honey eye makeup is that it is very easy to control, the color can be dark or light, and no matter how you paint it, the effect will not be bad. Chose the first technique of light honey color and enlarged area of smudge, which is easy to stand out in the overall nude makeup style.