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Does anyone know what brush to use with cream contour? As we all know, people spend more and more time on priming when applying makeup really. This is because as we age, the sense of facial lines is gradually weakened, the facial contours gradually take on a wider appearance, and the face becomes visually larger and larger. So, we need to put more focus on contouring.

When it comes to contouring, we have to mention face trimming, which looks simple, but it is not easy to do well. Because of its need to consider the facial contour and bone towards the problem and with what kind of brush to use, let’s talk about it with you today.

What is cream contour?
Let’s start with the facial contour. Whether it’s the three chambers and five eyes promoted in the east or the western way of grooming, the goose egg face will be defined as the standard face shape. The use of light and shade and the principle of color shades to make different types of face shape like the standard goose egg face close to make the face smaller, while using light and shade away from reshaping the facial light, so as to increase the facial contour three-dimensional sense.

Especially for oriental people, due to the lack of innate conditions, it is more necessary to use to the contour powder, contour stick and other contour products. If you have a habit of applying concealer after applying foundation, you can use the concealer first and then use for contouring.

How to properly contour your face?
The first step is to always remember to apply the base makeup first, then use the trimmer head to draw in the hairline, then draw the jawbone and cheekbone position, this step is used to create a small face.

Then you should start to trim the nose and the location of the root of the mountain, note that the middle part is not painted if you can look more natural face, the root of the mountain to start painting from the eyebrows. The shade will generally use matte dark powder or cream products, using dark colors in the visual convergence effect, thereby reducing the sense of facial expansion, to achieve the purpose of thinness.

And then you would use the highlighter head to draw in the T-zone and the location of the apple machine, and finally use a sponge egg or finger to gently push it away, and finally use loose powder to set the makeup on it, and loose powder can make the face look more natural after the trim.

Highlight is generally lighter than the user’s original skin color, or itself with pearl powder, cream products. The use of light colors and pearl in the visual sense of expansion to help highlight the face, so that highlighting parts of the bang up and thus solve the problem of facial hollows show old.

What brush to use with cream contour?
A contour brush is a makeup brush that is divided into two main types, facial contour brush and nose shadow brush. By using it with cosmetic makeup products such as cosmetic stick and cosmetic powder, it can achieve the purpose of face contouring and enhancing the three-dimensional facial contour.

The bristles of the brush are mainly divided into artificial fiber and animal hair, of which animal hair can be divided into wool, horse hair, gray mouse hair and squirrel hair. Artificial hair is resistant to water and grease, and resistant to cleaning, without the unique smell of animal hair, but the bristles are hard, easy to have discomfort on the face, poor staining ability.

On the contrary, animal bristles are soft, comfortable on the face and have a stronger grip on powder, but they also have a stronger odor if they are not specially treated, which help you know what brush to use with cream contour.

1. Facial contouring mainly works on the cheekbones, forehead and under the lips, so a large area needs to be shaded, so the design of the brush head will be on the large side. The most commonly used is the angled grooming brush, angled brush shape, can better fit the contours of the face to achieve a better grooming effect. This kind of beveled brush with soft bristles and strong powder gripping ability can also be used as a blush brush.

2. The brush shape of the nasal shadow brush is more, including the angled type, fire type, round type, it is best to buy curved, can better fit the curve of the side of the nose. Secondly, you should choose the moderate grip powder, and easy to stain, the effect of the repair more natural. Generally round and fire type nasal shadow brushes are used more often.

Selection tips:
The brush is basically composed of three parts: the handle, the metal joint handle and the bristles. The brush handle has a long handle and a short handle, so you can choose the length of the brush handle according to your different makeup habits.

The bristles of professional brushes are generally divided into two types: animal hair and synthetic hair. Animal bristles are soft, saturated with powder, can make the color evenly fit, and does not stimulate the skin. Generally speaking, animal hair is the best material for making brushes.

However, some brushes require a certain degree of hardness to achieve better makeup effect, and will be composed of a mixture of animal and artificial hair, depending on the function of the brush to choose the appropriate bristle material.

To sum up, learning to trim is able to help us very effectively to create a visually small face and look very delicate as a whole, and to achieve this, in addition to refining your makeup skills, it is also indispensable to know what brush to use with cream contour.