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Who can answer the question that can I use eyeshadow as contour? I believe that many people are so confused between the two that they have the wrong idea. Is there really a clear and unbridgeable usage between these two types of products? Let’s take this question and move on.

Eyeshadow is applied to the eyelids, that is, the eyelids and eye corners, so as to visually produce shadows and tonal contrast, revealing a three-dimensional beauty, to strengthen the eyes, so that the eyes look beautiful makeup cosmetics. The finishing powder is used to modify the contours of the face and make the features appear more three-dimensional. It is usually brown or brownish in color and is used to refine the contours of the face.

It is usually recommended that people sweep a large brush over the hollow areas of the face such as the sides of the nose, the sides of the forehead, and under the cheekbones. Then use a small brush dipped in a lighter shade of finishing powder and brush on the narrow, less prominent parts of the face, the small face will suddenly brighten and move. Usually, the center of everyone’s forehead, the bridge of the nose and the chin are excellent places to apply lighter shading powder.

In case of emergency, eyeshadow can be used as a finishing touch. Since they are both powder cosmetics, they can be used in some ways.

However, if you choose eyeshadow for grooming, you should be careful to choose eyeshadow with matte texture, because grooming is done by creating a shadow part on our face, thus making the face contour more three-dimensional. If you use eyeshadow grooming with pearl texture, it can also create a shadow, but it will be weird with glossiness. So can I use eyeshadow as contour?

If people want to use eyeshadow to draw a face lift, they should first choose a suitable color. Matte eyeshadow in shades of gray-brown is perfect for face lift. It is recommended to use a makeup brush or a special grooming brush to dip the eyeshadow powder, and then apply the eyeshadow to the face in the same way as you would normally do for your own grooming.

Pay attention to the amount of eyeshadow powder, not too much at a time, you can apply the eyeshadow on the face in small amounts. If there is too much eye shadow powder on the brush, you can gently shake the brush to remove the excess eye shadow powder.

The eyeshadow that can be used for cosmetic purposes are matte eye shadows, and these colors are also versatile earth colors, so that it can be used on the face when it does not look out of place, in the use of eye shadow as a cosmetic can be used to play on the cheeks and the bridge of the nose, but because most of the eye shadows are very colorful, so be careful not to use too much when you start.

And when using eyeshadow to fix the face cannot choose the color with pearl, whether it is large particles of pearl eyeshadow or small particles of pearl eyeshadow, with such eyeshadow powder as a fix will make the face become oily, and look a dirty feeling, and this sense of particles may cause the face full of shine. So using eyeshadow as a finishing touch can be done with a matte eyeshadow powder or eyeshadow cream that does not have fine glitter particles in it.

However, although the two can be used, but it is not recommended to mix this often, because they are two products, after all, grooming is used on our cheeks, and eye shadow is used on our eyelids, the role of the skin location is different, mixed use does not present their respective best makeup effect, so if the situation is not urgent, it is recommended to use special grooming products.

If it’s an emergency and you need to use eyeshadow instead of grooming, you must choose the right color and texture of eyeshadow so that you can present the best alternative effect, in addition, when using it, you must remember that the color rendering of eyeshadow and grooming powder is different, so the amount of both is different, grasp the amount of eyeshadow used to present a more natural grooming effect.

So we can answer the question of can I use eyeshadow as contour from above. If you happen to come across a situation where you don’t have all the cosmetics on hand, the two can be used interchangeably. But it should be noted that cosmetics can occasionally be replaced, but if it is to be long-term is not recommended, because the role of different cosmetic parts of different parts of the skin may be stimulating effects on other parts, so it is advisable to use only for emergencies.