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Looking for translucent powder for dark skin? Is your face setting powder easy to use and good to use? Many girls have this question after putting on makeup: Why is the foundation just applied in the morning “dull” in the afternoon? In fact, the following points are not in place.

Our facial skin is often exposed and is easily damaged by ultraviolet rays, and friends with different skin types secrete different oils because of different metabolism rates. Friends with oily skin produce oil on their faces very quickly, which will speed up the makeup of cosmetics.  

Maybe some girls prefer light and natural nude makeup, but light base makeup is not suitable for everyone. Only girls with better skin conditions are suitable. Otherwise, if the base makeup is too light, it may not cover the blemishes on the face well, and it is easy to take off.  

Using toner or lotion before makeup can gradually improve the dry state of the skin, so that powder sticking is not easy to occur when applying makeup, but do not use too many skin care products or skin care products that are too moisturizing, because if they cannot be completely absorbed by the skin, It’s easy to get muddy.

Sisters who often make up know that you need to use loose powder to set makeup after applying liquid foundation, and this step of setting makeup is also the key to affecting the durability of makeup. The makeup often appears mottled, dull and takes off quickly, which is related to the failure of setting makeup. The translucent powder for dark skin is a must-have item for girls with colors.

How to select a translucent powder for dark skin?

It is very important to choose a loose powder with fine powder, good oil control ability, and long-lasting power so that our makeup can be refined all day long. People with the oily face can choose oil control models, and those with dry skin can choose moisturizing. Stronger, make the makeup last longer and make the makeup more clean and docile.

Translucent Blurring Loose Powder from Perfect Diary, the recently best-selling loose powder is worth having! The loose powder is fine in texture, fits the skin very well, has no obvious graininess, and can effectively control oily skin and keep the skin fresh. It has a good makeup setting effect and lasts for a longer time, allowing you to keep your makeup clean and tidy.

Since I used this Translucent Blurring Loose Powder, my makeup has rarely been stuck, mottled, and faded quickly, because its oil control ability and long-lasting ability are very good, it can control oil and set makeup for a long time, leaving the skin with a matte texture. After use, the makeup can last for 10 hours, which is something that many loose powders can’t do.

The most important thing is that it is small in size and easy to carry. It can be applied with a single swipe, and the makeup is more durable and natural. It will not block the breathing pores, and there is no need to worry about problems such as acne. Some loose powders do not feel very clean after use, which can easily cause skin problems.

Do you know how to apply this product? Applying loose powder after applying concealer can make your makeup look harsh and unnatural! This is because you put the powder on your face hard, which can easily cause creases and make the lines on the face look more clear. So when you apply loose powder, first lightly dab the loose powder, then knock off the powder on the back of your hand, and then apply it to the place where there is concealer!

The best powdering principle is to keep the makeup matte without drying the face, so you should use a cotton pad after applying the powder to try to absorb the excess powder.

If you want delicate and delicate makeup, in addition to keeping your skin in good condition, you also need to choose a liquid foundation that really suits you. The most important thing is to do a good job of setting makeup. Loose powder has always been a very good choice for makeup settings, not only convenient and good It is also suitable for all skin types and can also be used as a long-wear setting.