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The black and grey eyeshadow palette is trendy. The classic combination of colors can render a sophisticated eyeshadow look. With such a palette, the eye makeup can be low-profile or eye-catching. Today, we will introduce how to wear black-grey-styled eyeshadow makeup.

Shining Smoky eye makeup for new learners

To wear this makeup, you don’t have to buy a palette with various colors. The basic nine colors are adequate. The first step, as you wear other kinds of eyeshadow makeup, is to prime your eyelid. The priming base can make the application of cosmetics smoother and more long-lasting.

Use an eyeshadow brush to dip some white color eyeshadow. Use the brush instead of your fingers because the tool can blend the cosmetic more naturally and easily. The effect that it contributes to is also more delicate. Apply the white shade to the outer area of your eyelid. Then, move to the inner area and circle around the whole eyelid and the eye socket.

The light color maybe not be very defined. That also depends on the product you use. You can apply more layers until you see the clear white shade. However, it should not be too much. The transition between your skin color and the base eyeshadow should be as natural as possible, so you can gently brush the edges of the foundation eyeshadow until you can’t see the evident transitional line.

Don’t forget the lower eyelid. Repeat the same step. Then, dip some grey shade eyeshadow with the fluffy brush. Pat it on the outer eyelid and blend it with the white color. Softly brush over the crease to create a smoky sense. Repeatedly pat the color on the outer area until the color is defined and the transition is natural.

Blending is the most important part when wearing eye makeup. Take your time and be patient. You may find it hard at the beginning. It is normal. Look at the mirror and gradually you will find the right way.

Then, use a smaller eyeshadow brush to apply the grey to the lower eyelid. Apply it along your lower crease. Pick the darker color and do what you have done when applying the grey eyeshadow. During this step, you can see the basic shape of the stunning smoky makeup.

Keep blending with the fluffy brush, especially the area near the end of your eyes. Enhance the color of the eyeshadow on the lower eyelid and draw the line of cute eyebags. Then, to make the eye makeup glittering and attractive, apply the shining white cover to your eyelid from the inner area outward.

Apply it over 2/3 of your eyelid and apply the shining grey to the rest area. Use the brush again to blend the colors. The final step is to wear mascara and eyeliners. Then the eye makeup with the black and grey eyeshadow palette is done. You can wear this eye makeup on many formal occasions. It is beautiful but not that flamboyant.

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We have introduced how to wear eye makeup with the black and grey eyeshadow palette. Wearing eyeshadow can make you look different immediately. It is a convenient way to change your appearance and boost your confidence. However, only by mastering the right tricks, can you bring out the function of these cosmetics.