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Have you ever wondered how to use a fan brush to complete your makeup look? There are so many different types of makeup brushes that lots of makeup beginners are at a loss with them.

If you often use these makeup brushes to apply makeup, you will understand that they can help you to finish a complete and exquisite makeup look. If you want your makeup to look naturally beautiful in the eyes of others, makeup brushes are essential.

What is the material of the fan brush?

In terms of material, there are natural animal bristles and artificial fiber bristles. Generally speaking, the looser the bristles, the weaker the grip, making it suitable for use as a halo and for applying small amounts of color like blush and highlighter.

The denser and stiffer brushes usually have a stronger grip and higher color application, and are suitable for areas that need to be strengthened. For example: for primer, concealer and eye shadow application, eyeliner, etc.

The common natural wools currently available include:


Wool characterized by being softer and more elastic, with good grip on powder and coloring power.

Horse hair

Horse hair characterized by hard, no way to be used as a brush material alone, need artificial materials or other animal hair mixed use.

Grey rat hair

Grey rat hair is basically a more expensive material for brushes. The softest, is the preferred material for blush brushes and loose powder brushes. However, the price of grey mouse hair is very high and the disadvantage is that it is easy to blow up the hair.

Yellow wolf hair

Yellow wolf hair can balance the softness and flexibility, but the price is also very high, usually used to make eye brushes.

At the same time, nowadays, artificial fiber wool is also very cost-effective with the advancement of technology, they are also soft and have excellent powder gripping ability.

Fan brushes of different price points will use the above different materials, we can choose according to their budget and use habits.

So, how to use a fan brush when we make up?

The fan brush is the largest brush in all makeup brushes and is in the shape of a fan.

It can be used to help you clear your face of excess residual powder, just like you will have some powder left on your face after each time you set your makeup with loose powder, you can use the fan brush to sweep your face clean of excess loose powder after setting your makeup to make it look clean and clear.

Sometimes it can also be used to brush the face cheekbones at the highlighter, as a good highlighter brush to use.

Fan Brush vs Setting Powder Brush

The fan brush and the setting brush are very similar, but they are used for different purposes and we need to differentiate their use.

The brush is different from the fan brush in that it has a round brush head and a large brush head, which is used to set the makeup after the foundation is done. The loose powder brush has a lighter texture and absorbs powder very well. It can help you sweep your face evenly with loose powder, and can also be used to apply blush, but blush brush and loose powder brush are best used separately.

Other related brush for makeup

Contouring Brush

A contouring brush is smaller than a loose powder brush and most of them have a slanted or oval head. It can help you to refine the contour of your nose and cheeks, and it can help you to sweep evenly when you apply the cream.

Foundation brush

Foundation brushes are usually flat and can be used to apply foundation evenly without easily absorbing powder, but they are difficult for novices to operate because they are not easy to apply evenly.

Eyebrow brush

Brushes are used for contouring, filling and smudging.

A large, flat, angled brush is often used to outline the edges of the eyebrows, because the brush head is hard and flat, which makes it easier to control the strength of the outline and produce a finer line. A small round-headed brush is usually used to fill in the areas that need to be filled in with color.


Now that you have a new understanding of how to use a fan brush, it’s time to go for a glamorous makeup look.