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You may be searching for “best lipstick for my skin tone quiz” now and then on the internet! Believe that everyone has been in contact with makeup for a long time, your research on makeup products will rise to a new level. With so many different lipsticks, colors, and brands, how do we choose the one that suits us best? One of the most important factors in choosing a lipstick is to choose the right lipstick shade that suits your skin tone.

Skin tone is an important factor in choosing lipstick or nail polish. Different skin tones need to wear different shades of lipstick. When we buy lipsticks, we can’t blindly choose according to our own preferences, and ignore the matching degree of our skin tone and shades. For example, cool white skin can choose any lipstick shades and pink lipsticks will make the skin cleaner and softer.

But if you have a darker complexion, it would be strange to choose a pinkish shade. Not only does it not look energetic when applied to the mouth, but it also looks dirty! Therefore, knowing the cool and warm tones of your skin is the first step in choosing a good lipstick. So, how can you tell if your skin is cool or warm? Let us take a quick look today!

How to select the best lipstick for my skin tone quiz right now
Here are two simple and convenient ways to tell your skin tone! You can test it now! Firstly, simply look at the color of the blood vessels in your wrist. If the blood vessels on the inside of your wrist are blue or purple, it means you have cool skin. If the vessels show green, then you have warm-toned skin. What’s your color?

Secondly, subtly use a gold and silver necklace to judge your skin tone. If the gold one flatters your skin, then you have a warm skin tone. If the silver necklace looks much better, then you are cool-toned skin.

If you have cool-toned skin, congratulations! Don’t spend too much thought on the color selection of lipsticks and beauty products, because your fair and tender skin can easily control a variety of colors. However, since your skin is blue-based, you’ll be more suited to cooler shades. For example, plum, pink, and rose red lipsticks are very common in Perfect Diary’s makeup, and they are very suitable for your skin tone.

You can consider Weightless Velvet Lip Stain (Red Fox Limited) from Perfect Diary. Color: 025 Whisper is the perfect red lipstick. It has a delicate and soft creamy texture with a sweet but not overpowering fragrance and goes on smoothly. Slippery and doesn’t tug on lips when applying. The lip balm itself is also very moisturizing and does not dry out the lips.

If you prefer plum-colored lipsticks, check this lipstick for the answer to the “best lipstick for my skin tone quiz”, the 005 Leave Me Alone by Weightless Velvet Lip Stain is rich and full, very versatile, and super suitable for this season, and the makeup is suitable for any occasion. It gives people a bright feeling, even if you go to some parties, there is no pressure.

So, if you have a yellowish or dark skin tone, what color lipstick should you choose? As you might guess, nude lipsticks are a great option. For example, Creamy Clay Lip Mud’s Color: N01 Sandstone, although it will not make the color of the lips very eye-catching after smearing, it can improve the texture of the lips right away. If you look closely, it is very beautiful.

The other color you can choose is the bean color. This color of lipstick or lip gloss is also very suitable for girls with dark skin. Try this Creamy Clay Lip Mud’s Color: N02 Cozy Night. For girls who don’t like makeup, or who don’t like heavy makeup and pursue a natural makeup look, you can’t go wrong with this lipstick. Create your “exclusive color”. The state of the lips after the application is much better than when using lipstick. It has both the color rendering of lipstick and the moisturizing degree of lip balm, which will make you look more feminine.