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Why does every lady need your best travel makeup set? Nowadays, it’s hard to predict where you will be working next Monday. It might be your office or any other corner of the world. You can never make sure you can go back to your sweet home after a whole day’s work. So it’s totally necessary to prepare your travel makeup set for emergency duty calls.

Besides comfortable lingerie, your best travel makeup set can be your best friend when you are on a trip. Under the principle of traveling with as fewer things as possible, your makeup bag should not be too crowded. So choosing an appropriate makeup set is essential for your trip. It should cover more of your makeup needs with fewer products.

When you don’t have any clue of what to put into your travel makeup set, you can first divide your products into four parts which include your makeup things for the face, eyebrows, eyes, and lips. To make the task of making your best travel makeup set look easy, you can start with eyebrow parts. Just take only one piece of your favorite eyebrow products. It can be an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, or eyebrow gel. But only one piece should be taken. Eyebrow pencil is recommended because it certainly takes the least space in your bag, thus handy for traveling.

The second part that you can pack into your best travel makeup set is those for lips. To make it simple, just bring your daily-wear color lipstick or lip gloss. If necessary, you can add a lip liner to assist with a more delicate lip look. But that’s it. Nothing more is needed for lip makeup on a trip.

Eye makeup is very tricky, and it shows how smart you are to pack your makeup for traveling. Eyeliner is a must, and no one will argue about that. Besides that, an eyeshadow palette is required, and it can be your strongest weapon among all the other cosmetic products in your traveling bag. If you select the right colors of all the eyeshadow, this eyeshadow palette can replace a bronzer, a blush, and even highlight pigments for all your face. So you have to make sure your eyeshadow palette includes some earth tones and orange-to-pink shades.

Complicated as eye makeup, the products required for it covers a wider range. Mascara cannot be ignored because it is the main tool to magnify your eyes. But what you can do here is to choose a mascara of less weight. The smaller it is, the better it can fit in your travel makeup bag.

The last part comes from the face cosmetic products. As is known to all, the core of face makeup is about covering blemishes on your face and making your skin look even. Based on this standard, our daily solution is a foundation, loose powder plus a concealer. However, on a trip, you don’t want to be burdened with so many products. So if you have to choose only one thing for face makeup, don’t miss a BB cream. It stands out for its multi-function fame.

BB cream plays the role of a foundation, a concealer, a sunscreen, or even a primer. It’s a combination of almost all facial makeup products and can present a comprehensive look on your face. Multi-function products are usually the best for traveling. So there is no doubt that you must bring a BB cream for your short trip. What else? A blush should appear in your traveling bag as well but it has been replaced with your eyeshadow palette! How convenient is that!

In conclusion, when you go on a trip, your best travel makeup set should contain max 7 makeup items. An eyebrow pencil, lipstick, lip liner, eyeliner, an eyeshadow palette, mascara, and a multi-purpose BB cream. Gather all of them into your find traveling makeup bag, and then you are good to go anywhere in the world!

Well, you have the golden 7 pieces in your hand, and you will feel confident to face any situation on your trip. But if you desire some changes in your look during your trip, just play the magic of your makeup techniques with the best travel makeup set in your hand!