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Have you thought about how to find the right lipstick shade quiz? Beauties look different when wearing different lipsticks. Because of its various colors, you will have multiple choices. Thus, that is a very personal question. Here, I’d like to introduce some lipsticks that look great on every person. Also, some simple steps to lead you to find the right lipstick for you.

Before we find the right lipstick shade quiz, let’s learn about different types of lipsticks.
There are 8 types of lipsticks, but of course, you don’t need to categorize all of them. However, we can mainly divide lipsticks into three types: Matte lipstick, Glossy lipstick, and Creamy lipstick.

Matte lipstick provides you with a gorgeous velvet finish. Contrary to glossy lipsticks which add lustrousness to your lips, matte lipsticks give your lip a pure color with their smooth texture. That is why they are good at hiding lip wrinkles. If you like a demure and mature style, you won’t miss this type of lipstick.

Glossy lipstick, as its name shows, gives you glamorous lustrousness. If you want shiny and watery lips, you can try glossy lipstick. It also can moisturize your lips due to its texture. If you want to get attention from others or intend to be a sweet, lively style, you can try glossy lipstick.

Creamy lipstick combines the advantages of matte lipstick and glossy lipstick, providing you with texture and gloss. The ingredients of creamy lipstick mainly are oils, butter, and wax. Thus, it can greatly nourish your lips for a long-lasting time. However, the colors are not various as the other two types of lipsticks. However, I strongly recommend you wear it in winter in case your lips are dry and cracked. In addition, it is also the right choice to prime lips before other lipsticks.

How can you find the right lipstick shade quiz?
1. The skin colors
Let’s know about your skin color. Though lipsticks are considered red generally, there are four kinds of lipstick colors, which are pink, orange, purple, and brown. Therefore, different skin colors look right in different lipstick colors.

First, which accessories can brighten your skin? Silver or Gold? Second, hold a piece of white paper next to you, and watch your face in the mirror. Does it look brighter or darker under the contrast of this piece of paper? If you choose the former, then you look good in pink and purple lipstick. If you choose the latter, you look good in orange and brown lipstick. If you think there are no differences between them, congratulations, you are good in all kinds of colors.

2. Try one
You may think the steps above are too hard for you to follow. Don’t worry. As a makeup artist has said, the best lip tones will be one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. It is better for you to have some color experiments from the counters. To test the color, you can apply the lipstick with a lip brush or q-tip on one lip. Beauty is beyond skin color. Thus, if you do enjoy one special color on your lips, just keep on what you like. To be confident and special is also the way makes you beautiful.

3. If you dislike the color you bought, don’t throw it.
If you have bought lipstick you dislike, don’t worry. You can blend it with other lipsticks. If it is too bright, you can find a lipstick in darker color; If it is too dark, you can find one in a brighter color.

Product recommendation
For people who are interested in how to find the right lipstick shade quiz, but can’t decide which lipstick to choose, I recommend the following lipsticks for you:

The first product is The Perfect Diary rouge intense velvet slim lipstick. Beauties who intend to have mature-style makeup will fall in love with it. The lipstick delivers intense saturation with a velvet finish. The ingredients can help you with the drying-out problem of matte lipsticks. Let’s say goodbye to dry and cracked lips. I strongly recommend L01, L04, and L06, which are suitable for every beauty.

The second product is The Perfect Diary spotlight shiny moist slim lipstick. If you like glossy lipsticks, you cannot miss this product. It contains innovative color blending tech, so the lipstick glides on so smoothly. In addition, various colors are provided for you, so you can just find one that fits you.