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How to do makeup lipstick is a problem that many girls struggle with. A full, perfect lipstick is an important part of our entire makeup look. Lip makeup may seem simple – you just need to apply the lipstick all over your lips. But that’s only when you’re just starting out with lipstick. If you want to have sexy and full red lips like an actress, or various glamorous and creative lip makeups like those celebrities on Ins, it takes more skills and practice.

Before we start, what do we need to prepare?
If you want to learn how to do makeup lipstick in more detail, then you need to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of how to use the various tools that are applied to the lips.

• Preparation before applying lipstick on your lips
The condition of the lips has a big impact on the lip makeup that follows. Moist and smooth lips make the application of lipstick easier and achieve a natural and attractive look. If the lips are dry and cracked, then lipstick application may also be a disaster.

Therefore, lip scrubs and lip balms should be applied in advance for the hydration and smoothness of the lips. Lip scrub is an exfoliating product designed to remove dead skin cells from sensitive lips, making your lips smoother and more delicate so that lipstick can be applied more evenly.

• How to use lip scrubs?
First, take a coin-sized amount of the balm with your finger and apply it to your clean lips, then slowly apply and press with your finger in a circular motion. Finally, just gently wipe off the balm.

The next step is to use a moisturizing lip balm to make our lips more hydrated, which is very useful for applying matte lipstick. It is important to note that neither lip scrubs nor lip balms should be used daily. Lip scrubs can be used once a month and over-scrubbing your lips can damage your lip skin. Lip balms are also better to be used once every 3 days or so.

Three steps to continue your perfect lip look!
Our delicate and hydrated lips are ready, so we can start applying our lip makeup next. Remember to wipe off some of the extra lip balms before you start.

• Primer for your lips
If your lip color is darker and you want it to look more even, it is recommended that you use a lightly textured powder to cover your lips with a light layer before applying lip gloss to lighten your original lip color. Because the powder itself has a moisturizing effect, even if you use it on your lips, it won’t cause any harm.

• Contour your lips
Using a lip liner will give your lips a more defined look. Choose a lip liner that is close to your lip color and start from the corner of your mouth and work your way up to the peak of your lips to create a fuller lip line. Next, focus on your lower lip line. Start from the center of your lower lip and work your way back and forth from side to side. You can go wider than your own lip contour to create a fuller look.

• Color your lips
There are a lot of lip products you can choose from, matte lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains and more. You can choose according to your preference and makeup style. Each product has a different application method, and we provide the way to apply lipstick as a reference.

For the easiest application, apply directly from the center of the lips. First, apply the lipstick to the cupid’s bow of the upper lip. Carefully dab the lip color on the cupid’s bow and the fuller part of the lower lip. Then you can lightly smudge the edges with your finger.

Finally, remember to remove your lip makeup before going to bed.
Knowing how to do makeup lipstick is very important and also removing it is a necessary step for the health and safety of your lips. Lip makeup is not easy to remove and the skin on the lips is delicate so we should not treat it too roughly. Choosing a special lip makeup remover can be a great way to remove your lip makeup.