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Blue and green eyeshadow was still very popular in the 2000s, but they seem to have become popular again recently. Blue-green makeup can give people a mysterious, deep and soft feeling, and can perfectly show the charm of women. Painting a low-key blue-green woman will give people a sense of elegance, which is probably The reason it has always been popular.

There are two very obvious characteristics of this cool color, which is bluish-green. The first is that they have a very obvious astringent effect on the three-dimensional sense of the face. If you add a little blue at the end of the eye, you will find that the eye socket is sunken, which is much more obvious than the warm color of the same amount and shade.

There is also a case of very light cool colors, which can easily make eye makeup look very, very clear, such as light blue and white mixed highlights, which have more stamina than champagne highlights and are used for brightening effects. If you use cool colors, the entire makeup face may focus on modifying the original outline, so the lip color and blush should not be too exaggerated and should be similar to a person’s makeup.

How to mix the blue and green eyeshadow into another color? Let me give you an idea: I still like the red eye shadow base, but I want a stronger convergence effect and clear brightening, so I choose orange that matches well with blue as the main eye shadow and converges on the end of the eye. Reduce the use area of blue and draw a sense of layering in blue, and use a small number of blue sequins and diamond highlights to create a sparkling feeling and increase the clarity of the eyes.

How to do blue and green eyeshadow in daily makeup?

Eye makeup that is green on one side and blue on the other can be held by fashionistas. Even the lower eyeliner has not been spared, and the makeup can be described as quite bold and individual. One blue and one green echo harmoniously with the headband and the top, and it seems to be a good match.

In fact, the blue-green eye shadow looks very good on the eyes. If you also want to try this personality style, you can actually challenge it. When it comes to daily makeup, as long as the lower eyeliner is removed, it will be much easier to control. But you may want your makeup to be worn as daily makeup that you can go to school or work with.

In the past two years, I have been surrounded by red, orange, and brown eye shadows, all of which are the kind of makeup techniques that smudge more than half of my eyelids. If you want to be fresh, you can match it with other colors, and lightly embellish it on the top, such as flesh pink, such as yellow, do not use earth colors. If it becomes black, it will not feel fresh, and then ensure the bottom. The makeup is clean and the lipstick is lighter, pink or orange, it looks very fresh.

Or you can try something more mature. Dip in the earth color eye shadow and brush it on the upper eyelid in a large area to create the eye socket, and then take the highlighter to brighten the brow bone and highlight the deep and bright eyes.

Take the blue eye shadow from 1/4 of the eye, and use the eye shadow brush to gently blend it until the end of the eye, and at the same time blend the lower eyelid. Take a dark blue eye shadow and smudge it in the double eyelid crease of the upper eyelid to create a deep sense of the eyes, and at the same time make the eye makeup more layered.

The black inner eyeliner can enhance the thickness of the eyeliner and the roots of the eyelashes. Draw the black eyeliner along the roots of the eyelashes, lift the end of the eye slightly upwards, and then fade out naturally. Finally, apply a few coats of mascara to make the lashes thicker and the eyes more attractive.